Biden Collapse… It’s Over!

His campaign is falling apart.
Joe Biden
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Joe Biden, by his own admission, took a massive “gut punch” in Iowa.

Now, he is going into panic mode, attacking his fellow Democrats, something he vowed not to do back in July 2019.

Biden in Trouble

There were few people that thought Joe Biden would walk out of Iowa without a handful of delegates.

With 97 percent of the vote in, Biden is now in danger of not getting a single delegate out of the state.

Joe Biden spent most of the last month in Iowa, far more time than Sanders or Warren, yet he is going to finish behind both of them in the state when all is said and done.

This has forced Biden to pivot his plan for New Hampshire, where he spent little time and money due to the fact the state neighbors Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont.

He is now forced to put boots on the ground in an effort to regain some momentum before the election moves to Nevada and South Carolina.

It is quite clear the impeachment of Donald Trump has been far more costly for Joe Biden than it was for Trump.

The president came out on the other side with his highest approval rating and Biden has seen nothing but falling poll numbers due to the fact people are realizing he is not the little angel he portrays himself to be.

To add insult to injury, Biden is running of money because is fundraising is falling flat on its face. 

Going on the Attack

If we go back to an appearance by Joe Biden in July 2019 in New Hampshire, Biden said the last thing the party needed to do if they wanted to beat Donald Trump was to create a “circular firing squad.”

He did not want to participate in or become party to Democrats firing shots at each other.

With his campaign now clearly in jeopardy, Biden is going back on his word and he came out throwing some big shots at the two frontrunners coming out of Iowa.

Biden attacked Sanders for being a socialist and stated that he is putting the entire party in jeopardy of being tagged as such…

He also went after Pete Buttigieg, faulting him for never having held an office higher than the mayor of a  small town of 100,000 people…

That may have gotten a few chuckles at his rally, but that surely will not play well with small cities around the country, and it surely will not play well in Indiana.

These attacks were quickly noticed by some of Biden’s fellow Democrats, with New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Annie Kuster (NH02) stating, “But I’ve got to tell you, it’s a risk to go after this campaign with the same message, the same ideas, the same issues that we’ve been litigating. I think we need new energy, I think we need a new approach … bringing people together the way Pete does.”

Biden is also facing significant pushback during his rallies and town halls from both sides of the aisle.

Most recently, he was attacked by the new breed of Democrat, with climate change supporters disrupting his rally…

Biden made yet another major misstep, comparing the climate change activists to “Trumpers,” probably the biggest insult he could make to them.

The likelihood of Biden winning this nomination becomes less and less every day and even if he does manage to squeak this out, he has no idea what we are going to throw at him during the general election cycle.

If he is cracking with his own people, we are going to have a field day with him when he goes head-to-head with Trump.

  1. Biden is Trumps best tool for re-election. No doubt Pelosi is going to use the 25th amendment to get Bumbling Biden our of the White House, move Kamel-Toe in, then stage a coup to move Harris out, and take the cat-bird seat herself. I can’t wait to see all their faces when Trump wins re-election. I think the DNC will implode.

  2. Hey dems & rinos : WAKE UP – AMERICA DOESN’T WANT SOCIALIST CRIMINALS FOR POTUS ! We have had our fill of them since bush 41 through obastard ! Ignore your life-long criminal leaders : soros , chinese communists & islam !

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