Unity: Biden Forces Out Beloved Border Chief for Making the Right Decisions


Imperial Leader Joe Biden issued a proclamation to banish the head of the Border Patrol for being too deplorably conservative. Democrats have their own dictionary. To them, “unity” means “sit down, shut up, and drink the Kool-Aid.” Rodney Scott dared to do the unthinkable. He made the “right” decisions, instead of the wrong ones he was ordered to make.


Insurrection along the border

The Democrat definition of “insurrection” is “questioning the authority of the New World Order.” According to the Palace Loyalty department, Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott cannot be trusted with Deep State operations. He keeps calling the mushrooming invasion a “crisis.” As soon as he got the official word, he tapped it out on Twitter.

“I received my 3R letter today,” the 29-year veteran wrote. “For those not familiar, that is Federal government slang for the letter issued to SES level employees informing them of a directed reassignment. The recipient has 3 options – relocate, resign, or retire. No rationale or reason is required, nor is it disciplinary.” Basically, hit the bricks.

They make it sound so sweet and innocent. “Just a simple needs of the service directed reassignment so the new administration can place the person they want in the position.” Okay, if that’s the way they want it.

“I will remain in my current position for about 60 days +/- and ensure a smooth [transition]. I remain confident that God is in control.” The border invasion continues to escalate exponentially, with historic numbers being reported daily.

Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf blasted the sound-man’s eardrums when he responded to the news. The Biden regime, he declares, “has no credibility left” with the men and women who do their best to secure the border. He didn’t pull any punches.

“Ask career employees at DHS and they will tell you that this Admin is specifically targeting career civil servants for doing their job, questioning ill-advised decisions, and speaking truth to power.” That’s one of those liberal catch phrases nobody can figure out what it means. According to the Democrat dictionary, it means: “Stand up for what’s right and tell people in charge what’s what.”

Too good a job

The problem was Scott was catching so many illegals it makes Joe Biden look bad. Border Czarina was finally shamed into visiting the dotted line with Mexico by Donald Trump but none of the liberals want to admit there is an invasion underway. Chief Scott did. Now he’s not there. He’s been canceled and erased.

As Wolf describes, they “have also pushed out another high ranking individual at CBP, a 20+ year law enforcement professional. Declaring war on professionals who question decisions during a crisis is not the way to run a Department. The Administration has no credibility left with USBP.”

Kamala Harris finally announced that she’ll tour the border in El Paso, which pundits point out is about as far from the real action as you can get and still be on the frontier. She’s been obviously avoiding it for months.

Even liberal Democrats are scratching their heads in bewilderment over her choice of photo-op locations. The figures which came out for last month show a “staggering 674% increase vs. May of 2020 when 23,237 illegal aliens were apprehended. Last month’s numbers were the worst numbers in more than two decades.”

Left-leaning Washington Post observes, why “would Harris choose to visit El Paso over other areas of the border, like RGV or Arizona?” RGV being shorthand for Rio Grande Valley.

She’s not there because they don’t want to show wetbacks wading through the river in the background as she gives her well rehearsed speech. “In El Paso, she can be hosted by Rep. Veronica Escobar, who has been reliably supportive. In RGV, Laredo, AZ, Dem lawmakers have been critical of Biden admin, want more enforcement.”

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