Big Brother is Watching…Boogaloo Members Face Charges After Fatal Drive By Shooting


Two members of the so called “anti-government” Boogaloo movement were charged in the May 29 drive-by shooting death of a guard at the Federal Courthouse in Oakland, California. One of the men, 32-year-old Steven Carillo, was also involved in the ambush murder of a sheriff’s deputy in the Santa Cruz mountains on June 6. A lot of people are wondering if the Deep State has been grooming them to act on cue. Big brother watches everything, how did they miss this, unless they were intentionally looking the other way?

Who was supposed to watch Boogaloo?

The battle right now isn’t over black and white race relations, we’re fighting to preserve the “rule of law.” That means that right-wing nationalists need to be just as angry at right-wing extremists as we are at left-wing Black Lives Matter anarchists. Racism and offensive violence are wrong. Period. This is the enlightened twenty-first century, not the ignorant dark ages.

The recent riots are an obviously engineered attempt by the corrupt government within a government to protect what “deplorables” like to call “the swamp.” They’re running out of options and getting so desperate that even the Vatican took notice. Rome picked sides and stands behind President Donald Trump against what Archbishop Carlo Vigano calls the “children of darkness.”

Long before these two men committed two separate cold-blooded murders, they should have been taken off the streets by an alert intelligence team. Instead, the FBI let them run wild. Some speculate that the Federal Bureau of Instigation even planted agents in the group to poke them into action on cue, just to inflame the racial tensions even more.

A night of riots

During a night of “nearby protests” which normal people would call “riots,” U.S. Air Force Sergeant Steven Carrillo and Robert Alvin Justus Jr., aged 30, gunned down Federal Protective Service officer David Patrick Underwood at his guard post outside Oakland’s federal courthouse. A second guard was injured in the Boogaloo attack and the men are charged with his attempted murder. Justice drove the van and Carillo did the shooting.

When Justice was picked up in connection with the drive-by, it lead to the attempt at arresting Carillo, which went horribly wrong. Carillo was tipped off and set up an ambush, armed with pipe bombs and firearms. After killing Deputy Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller, he used the officer’s blood to scrawl “BOOG” and “I became unreasonable” across the hood of the patrol car.

Where were all the undercover social media trolls who monitor Facebook constantly? Apparently, the night before the Oakland drive by, they missed Carrillo’s post that George Floyd’s death was “a great opportunity” to stage an attack. The Boogaloo boys have been ready and waiting for just this moment. The FBI was out to lunch when they were needed the most. Unless that was intentional.

It isn’t like the FBI was already on alert with the group or anything. Just because “three other suspected followers of the Boogaloo movement were arrested earlier this month by federal authorities and charged with planning to incite violence and destruction during protests in Las Vegas” is no reason to treat them like potential terrorists or anything.


The FBI has been conducting a “deep and profound” breach of American’s rights by flying over virtually every square inch of America and dragging around equipment that tracks cell phones. All that equipment was focused somewhere else apparently. They have no excuse for why they weren’t watching radical adherents of the “far-right Boogaloo ideology whose followers see the U.S. government as an enemy bent on confiscating the guns they need in the event of civil war, a violent uprising or collapse of society.”

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