The Deep State’s a Big Fan of the Boogaloo Boys


The Deep State seems to be a huge fan of the “Boogaloo Boys.” A pair of far-right extremists were hoping to spark Helter Skelter. They “planned to use the George Floyd protests in Oakland as a cover to kill cops, have it blamed on ‘Antifa,’ and get the race war of their dreams going.” Was it really their dream? Or did the Deep State put them up to it?


Boogaloo hates cops as much as Antifa

As the Oakland, California, chapter of Antifa-aligned anarchists burned and looted through the streets on May 29, Air Force Sergeant Steven Carrillo and his driver, Robert Alvin Justus Jr., gunned down black federal security guard Dave Patrick Underwood from a speeding van. The far right “Boogaloo” boys “planned to use the George Floyd protests in Oakland as a cover to kill cops, have it blamed on ‘Antifa,’ and get the race war of their dreams going.” Was it their dream or did the Deep State put them up to it?


This group of extremists isn’t nearly as concerned with race as much as they hate the police. They’re just as mad about the murder of George Floyd as they are about the murder of LaVoy Finicum or Duncan Lemp. The FBI wasn’t looking but they should have been. Did the Deep State plan it all along? Somebody is behind this entire social engineering operation. What better way to spark Helter Skelter than to get the right-wingers who hate the cops helping Antifa fight them, thereby bringing in the Nazis and skinheads to start tangling with both the police and the Antifa?

Instead of sending a Waco style federal SWAT team in to arrest Carillo a week after the drive by, federal authorities let Sheriff Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller and a deputy walk into an ambush on June 6. Carillo used the blood of Sgt. Gutzwiller to paint “I became unreasonable” across the hood of his patrol cruiser. Justice was under FBI surveillance as his parents drove him to the FBI in San Francisco to turn himself in” on June 11. Was he under surveillance before the drive by? If not, why not? Isn’t this what our anti-terror task forces are supposed to be doing?

It’s time to bring out our guns

What originated as the phrase “it’s time to bring out our guns” was inevitably shortened to “BOOG” it linguistically morphed into “Boogaloo.” When the movement went mainstream on Facebook, group names used phonetic variants like “Big Igloo” and “Big Luau.” Now igloo symbols and Hawaiian shirts identify members to each other.

According to reports, back in April, Boogaloo boy Aaron Swenson “livestreamed his search for a police officer to kill, but was arrested before that could happen.” No red flags went up at the FBI to watch the group. If they did, they aren’t admitting they were monitoring.

Boogaloo was well represented at the Richmond, Virginia, Second Amendment rally in January too. Tess Owen with Vice spotted an offshoot group. “Group of guys from ‘Patriot Wave’ which I had not heard of. They had badges and posters referencing the ‘Boogaloo’ which is far-right speak for a civil war.”

Even Boogaloo members wonder if they are being set up. RevRifleman posts “Are they trying to draw us out into a fight? To a degree I assume they are at a minimum testing the waters to see just how much they can get away with. It almost feels like they’re daring us to go hot just to get it over with.”

“The tyrants must be feeling very confident right now and they must think that they can win either way… whether or not we fight. Maybe it is because they know they are too big to lose. You can’t wipe out what you can’t wipe out… certain names and faces are often associated with this… but every now and then I’ll see some video and wonder who the heck is this person with this organization and where did they come from?”

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