FB Purge 3.0: HERE is Who They Targeted This Time


Facebook did it again, Mark Zuckerberg “became unreasonable.” This time, instead of fake Russian accounts or conservative news, Purge version 3.0 targets “hundreds of accounts, groups and pages” linked to the hardcore right-wing extremist “Boogaloo” movement. Facebook thinks that just because they like to write slogans in the blood of slain cops they might be a “credible threat” to public safety. They’re really going to miss the ad revenue.


Yet another Facebook purge

Facebook and Instagram decided that Tuesday was the perfect time for another purge. The social media program which allegedly started life as the Pentagon’s Project LifeLog was fine with the Boogaloo Boys as long as the Deep State wanted to groom them to act on cue. Now that they’ve killed, wounded, and scrawled their slogans in blood across the hoods of police cars, they’re suddenly too anti-socially extreme for social media. Facebook, like Black Lives Matter, is “done being peaceful.”

The official Facebook announcement declares the purge of “hundreds of accounts, groups and pages linked to the Boogaloo movement.” As CNN Business relates, the right-wing anarchists are a “loosely organized extremist collective whose members have occasionally shown up armed to racial justice and anti-quarantine protests around the country.”


This latest purge removed “a core set of 220 Facebook accounts, 95 accounts on Facebook-owned Instagram and dozens of pages and groups that Facebook, in a blog post, said posed a “credible threat” to public safety,” CNN writes. They had the nerve to actively promote “violence against civilians, law enforcement, and government officials and institutions.”

Where was the FBI?

Funny how nobody noticed all that extremism before the big purge. They must be the only right-leaning groups on Facebook that haven’t been thoroughly infiltrated by FBI undercover monitors. Zuckerberg finally woke up and noticed the Boogaloo network “was engaged in recruiting followers from the wider Boogaloo movement for clearly violent purposes.”

Separately, Facebook did another purge “targeting more than 400 groups and 100 pages that hosted ‘similar content’ praising or supporting the movement,” even though they weren’t “primarily operated by members of the first network and did not appear to promote as much violence.” The Pentagon ordered them not to take any chances. Someone might track down Deep State operatives lurking in those rooms so they need to disappear from public sight pronto.

Advertisers are fleeing the platform in droves over their capricious censorship of free speech with a much heavier hand on the speech of the right than the left. Boogaloo is just as evil as Antifa yet the entire Black Lives Matter movement is untouchable, despite the fact everyone knows it’s a cover for New World Order anarchy. When will the purge of Black Lives Matter groups happen?

While the left can spew forth as much hate and violent rhetoric as they please, igloos and Hawaiian shirts are now considered hate speech as part of the latest purge.

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  1. Facebook does not have the “BAL**” to purge BLM even if they burn’t Mark’s home down.

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