Big Govt’s Overreach ‘Strong Legal Safeguards’ Tracking Americans

How far is too far?
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Has the coronavirus given the government the excuse it needs to spy on Americans?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, that may very well be the case.

Tracking Our Movements

One of the concerns of the CDC is to locate and find hotspots throughout the country.

The organization wants to find areas where people are still gathering, especially in cities like New York, to see if these movements are related to the spread of the virus.

As such, the government agency has requested access to millions of cell phones in hundreds of locations throughout the nation to track people’s movements.

This has put privacy activists on alert, demanding “strong legal safeguards” be put in place to ensure the government is not violating our right to privacy.

How Far is Too Far for the Government?

There were more than 131,000 confirmed cases and just over 2,300 deaths from the coronavirus.

New York continues to be the major hotspot, reporting more than 6,100 new cases and more than 80 new deaths.

The number one concern here is that we find a treatment ASAP and in the meantime, we do what we can to slow the spread of the virus down as much as possible.

Far too many people have ignored the call to avoid social gatherings and to continue social distancing, but does this give the government the right to strip away our privacy?

Now, I don’t want to go all “conspiracy theory” here, but I have and will continue to maintain emergencies such as this end up giving the government the ability to take away our rights in the name of the emergency itself.

Look how many cities and/or states are already stripping away Second Amendment rights during this pandemic.

Now, more than ever, Americans should have the right to defend themselves, as we have already seen looting in certain areas of the country.

We are far from a “Walking Dead” scenario, but when the government takes extreme measures such as these, it starts to put people into the mindset, causing them to act more desperately.

Requests like this by the government are things most media outlets will not even cover, mostly because the media nowadays has a far-left lean, so it has no problem with the government stripping away our rights.

My advice would be to closely monitor that and start taking names to see what elected representatives are protecting your rights and which are trying to take them away.

Come election day, they either get rewarded with our vote or ousted from office.

At this point, that is our only option, but we are starting to get closer and closer to a point where the government will not give us any choice but stand and fight for our rights.

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