The leader of a BLM group was arrested on Saturday. That’s not much of a big deal until you learn that the Black Lives Matter thug, recently honored by the Boston Red Sox as a local “hero,” was arrested for punching an 80-year-old woman in the face.


BLM leader assaults elderly Trump fan

Each year, the Boston Red Sox typically honors members of the military with a “Hat’s off to Heroes” ceremony. Not this year. On August 28, 2020, the team decided to turn 32-year-old BLM leader Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr. into a celebrity local hero.

According to the team, Jean-Jacques needs their support to “fight against social injustice” and beat up women. The month after being featured by the Sox, he “allegedly harassed Congress Candidate Rayla Cambell.” Her Black life didn’t seem to matter much to Jean-Jacques. The candidate is African American.

The BLM organizer is such a great guy he just got hauled away in cuffs for assaulting an elderly deplorable. They do things the old fashioned way in Massachusetts and he was nearly “banished” from the town of Swampscott over it.

On Saturday, at a support rally for President Donald Trump in Swampscott, Massachusetts, radical Jean-Jacques, of Haverhill, encountered 80-year-old deplorable Trump supporter Linda C. Greenberg. His defense lawyers are calling her the “aggressor.”

Jean-Jacques was quickly charged with assault and battery on a person 60 years or older but released on $550 bail. He was arraigned Monday in Lynn District Court. Judge Matthew Nestor described the incident as a “disturbing” case.

Prosecutor Danielle Doherty-Wirwicz requested that the BLM activist be “declared a dangerous person, that he be banished from Swampscott and prohibited from contact with elderly persons.” The request was denied.

A splash of water

Defense attorney Murat Erkan did his best to demonize the victim. Arguing over “the Swampscott Police Department’s characterization of the incident.” More than one officer testified about Jean-Jacques “punching” Greenberg. Before that, they also observed “water propel from where Greenberg was standing.”

The progressive lawyer wants the jury to think that was a sinister action. The defense relies on a video filmed from only one angle which shows “Jean-Jacques cock back his arm after she appears to splash water on him.” It does not show the blow landing. The BLM funded attorney also brought out some still photos suggesting “Jean-Jacques was actually “attempting to disarm Greenberg of the bottle,” and that he used an “open hand” rather than a fist, as if that matters.


Ms. Greenberg admitted to police when interviewed that she did splash the BLM activist but he was offending her first. “I was drinking my water and he was gyrating in front of me and I was getting mad and I did get water on him. I don’t want to lie.” That’s still no excuse for an assault. A bystander “asked her if she agreed that her conduct made her the aggressor,” she didn’t mince words.

“Oh, why don’t you f— off. You are not America, you are not America.” Erkan tried to make a federal case out of the splash of water, comparing it to “1960s Birmingham, Alabama, when police sprayed water on peaceful black Civil Rights protesters.” The defense attorney argued that was grounds to charge the victim with “a hate crime.”

The judge wasn’t buying into it. Judge Nestor “disagreed with the analogy.” It’s more like the spray bottle they carry around to mist Joe Biden with, when he gets a little too frisky. He also didn’t buy the prosecution’s assertion that the BLM activist is a “danger to the community.” Jean-Jacques will be back in court on February 24, 2021 for a pretrial hearing.

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