Booze Fueled Frat Get Down Leads to Sudden Death


Fraternity hazing rituals are back in the news as eight young men in Ohio’s Bowling Green State University’s Pi Beta Kappa have been charged in the death of student Stone Foltz in a booze fueled incident. Six of them will face charges of involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide and assault. All of them of looking at prison time, lesser charges like hazing, tampering evidence, obstruction of justice and naturally…. alcohol violations.


Attorneys for the Foltz family have claimed that he was forced by his fraternity to consume an entire handle of whiskey as part of the “Little Big” event. During the event, new member are required to consume an entire bottle of alcohol or they are denied entry.

According to The Columbus Dispatch,

“The university is also notifying 21 students of violations of the code of student conduct, said Alex Solis, a BGSU spokesperson.”

“BGSU has engaged an outside special counsel to ensure its investigation into the Pi Kappa Alpha hazing incident and the tragic death of student Stone Foltz is fair and thorough,” Solis said.

“This is another step to ensure hazing is eradicated and that this tragedy that occurred at BGSU and similar tragedies at too many other universities never happen again.”

Fatal Booze Binge Reveals Some Things Never Change

College binge drinking has been an issue for decades on campuses across the nation, this seems to be a pretty open and shut case, according to the Lucas County Coroner Foltz was killed by fatal alcohol intoxication following the results of the Big Little ritual “The Lucas County Coroner’s report listed Foltz’s cause of death as “fatal ethanol intoxication during a hazing incident.”

“Nothing in this investigation conflicts with that conclusion,” the report said.

Foltz’s parents said, “We are living every parent’s worst nightmare and will not be at peace until fraternity hazing is seen for what it truly is—abuse. It’s unacceptable, and in Stone’s case, it was fatal. How many injuries and deaths will it take for people in positions of power to do the right thing?“ It seems that like the runaway leftist political radicalization that plagues our colleges and universities, lethal hazing is a problem that academia is quite happy to ignore.

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