Border States Getting Desperately Needed Reinforcements


States along America’s southern Border face an overwhelming problem as they monitor illegal smuggling routes in an attempt to stop the incoming flood of meth and fentanyl. They gave up stopping migrants a long time ago because they’re far outnumbered by the bad guys. In the area of desert around Douglas, Arizona, the Cochise County Sheriff could use some help. He’s about to get some. He better, because there’s an invasion scheduled to begin May 23, on the nose.

Border reinforcements

As soon-to-be-former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey admitted on Tuesday, April 19, this “is not an immigration crisis. This is a border security crisis.” The statement came during the official announcement of “the American Governors’ Border Strike Force.

A total of 26 states will share resources and intelligence with Arizona and Texas. They also promise to pass along helpful intelligence and provide “cybersecurity.” It’s all focused on disrupting “cartel finances and drug trafficking routes along interstates 10 and 40.

Since Joe Biden is rolling the red carpet out to every migrant who wants in, law enforcement decided to work on taking down the cartel drug-lords. It may be a “federal responsibility” to secure the border but Joe Biden refuses to annoy his open borders handlers in the New World Order global government. Since the government won’t do their job, the states are going vigilante.

The feds, he notes, “won’t do what the American Governors’ Strike Force is going to do.” It would be nice if Joe could cough up a little “partnership and support,” though. Ducey isn’t holding his breath.

Arizona came up with the Border Strike Force idea back in 2015 and has been using it ever since. Now they’re expanding it to Texas and adding help from further away. As Ducey explained, over the past seven years, the force “seized 985 pounds of fentanyl, 13,100 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,704 pounds of cocaine and 801 pounds of heroin.” Addicts don’t like that one bit.

Now that cannabis is legal in Arizona and a growing number of other states, the cartel doesn’t have a market for happy weed. That means law enforcement can use their time taking hard drugs off the street before they kill people.

A cheap high

People that are addicted,” Ducey declares, are “looking for a cheap high.” That’s exactly what they’re finding because of what’s “coming over our southern border.” Dangerous drugs are flooding into every town in America, big or small, urban or rural. The biggest problem facing the governors is unchecked immigration overwhelming federal agencies.

The flood of migrants they have to catch and release every day “is diverting federal resources needed to protect the border.” That makes it a national security issue but Biden still ignores that.

Even Democrats are beginning to have a clue that something drastically terrible is going on here. Liberal New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan paid a recent visit to Nogales and was shocked.

It’s clear the administration needs to address certain gaps on physical barriers that would be easy to address. But are posing a real challenge for our border patrol agents.” Biden knows all about it but we don’t have arbitrary lines between countries anymore. Nationalism is a dead concept because Brussels calls the shots for the whole planet all at once now.

March set a new record high for incoming illegal alien numbers. The Department of Homeland Security reports that the U.S. Border Patrol welcomed another 221,000 new citizens, handed them a brand new prepaid smart phone, and allegedly helped them fill out Democrat voter registration cards. Biden says he’s expecting to receive “as many as 18,000 immigrants” a day starting on May 23, and continuing until the supply runs out.

Democrats expect that to solve the nanny shortage, the supply chain crisis, and their dismal chances for the Mid-terms, all at once. Arizona Senators Kyrstin Sinema, a DINO and Mark Kelly, still a confirmed progressive, have both questioned the wisdom of opening up the Title 42 floodgates without a single clue about where to put them all. They wrote a letter asking the palace to place the invasion on hold “until it can produce a plan that secures the border first.”

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