Breaking: Election Fraud Attorney Facing Death Threats and Break-ins to Prevent The Truth From Getting Out

Breaking: Election Fraud Attorney Facing Death Threats and Break-ins to Prevent The Truth From Getting Out

Matthew DePerno, a lawyer based in Michigan who is representing William Bailey in the Antrim County voter fraud case, has received several threats and has now had his law office broken into.


Many Americans may remember Antrim County, Michigan from headlines soon after the 2020 election, where it was revealed that thousands of votes in the red county had been switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, and from Senate candidate John James to Democrat Senator Gary Peters. According to DePerno, that’s not the only fraud that took place in the county.

Since taking up the election fraud case, DePerno has received several threats against his life. Now, things have escalated, as his law office was broken into on the evening of May 14. Police were called to the scene, but it was discovered that nothing was stolen. So, why did they break in? Was it just an attempt at intimidating DePerno, or were they looking for something that they didn’t find?

The threats aren’t just against DePerno. The attorney had previously scheduled a press conference at a VFW hall in Traverse City, Michigan to discuss a bombshell update in the voter fraud case.

On May 16, DePerno received a call from a VFW representative telling him that he was no longer allowed to use the VFW hall. According to the representative, they had received threats from someone or some group because of the scheduled press conference.

“You can’t even have a press conference about a case about defending your First Amendment Rights without being threatened by someone to silence you?” DePerno asked in an interview with news outlet 100 Percent Fed Up.

“We get canceled just because someone threatens you?” DePerno continued, adding, “Not only can you not express yourself by voting, but you can’t even talk about it anymore!”

The press conference was ultimately moved to a new location.

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