Breaking: Farmers Begin to Fight Back Against Globalist Agenda [Watch]


The New World Order seems to be making it clear that in order to save the planet from environmental disaster, they need to kill off all the Humans. Over in Europe, where the Green Dream is already a huge nightmare, The Dutch government literally told their farmers they are being forced out of business in the name of saving the planet from climate change. The peasants are fighting for their lives the only way they can. By blockading supermarket warehouses, setting bales of hay on fire, and spreading manure outside of officials’ homes.

Farmers fight back with tractors

Farmers in the Netherlands are using their tractors to form blockades at supermarket distribution centers, among other tactics similar to those used in the freedom rallies of truckers recently. At the end of June, the Dutch government shockingly “unveiled a plan to slash 50% of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and ammonia by 2030.” They even admit their evil schemes in a formal statement.

The honest message,” the Hague confirms, “is that not all farmers can continue their business.” The people who rely on the food they grow will simply have to starve. Even if they import their food, the growers and their families will starve, because their livelihood has been taken away.

The villagers are coming out in droves with their pitchforks and torches. At the latest count, “roughly 40,000 farmers gathered to protest the plans.” They are not happy so neither are the drivers backed up behind them as they block traffic. “Some have dumped hay bales on roads, and small groups demonstrated at town and city halls, in some cases starting bonfires outside the buildings,” American outlets grudgingly report, noting that other peaceful protesters “set hay bales ablaze.”

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France, “advised travellers to use public transport, rather than cars, to reach the airport, as farmers’ activist groups said on social media they planned to use tractors to block roads.

Just by doing their jobs every day, farms are a threat to the planet, the New World Order has declared. “Urine and dung produced by livestock are a source of ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions.” That leads, they gasp, to “poor air and water quality.” Meanwhile, “farmers continued their protests by blocking supermarket distribution networks, with fishermen blocking ports in a sign of solidarity.” In Harlingen, “they blocked the port with trawlers meaning ferries to the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland could not leave for hours.”

Shrimp fishermen “fear that they will run into problems due to the government’s emission targets.” New fishing permits could be withheld. That, they say, “would mean they would no longer be allowed to do their jobs.” U.S. networks aren’t reporting that. You have to dig deep to find much of a story anywhere. German state-owned news outlet Deutsche Welle reports that “the Netherlands’ policies could shutter 30% of livestock farms.


Feeding the rest of Europe

What they aren’t saying officially in the Netherlands is that they’re about to whack off at least a third of their food production. In 2019, they shipped out roughly $98.5 billion worth of agricultural goods and it all went “to other European countries.

Those customers will need to find some farmers of their own, or find a new source of food. Meanwhile, the Dutch government is quite irate with the blockades and hay burning incidents.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned the farmers “You can demonstrate, but in a civilized way.” Meaning, as long as it isn’t meaningful or effective. “So don’t block highways, don’t set off fireworks outside a minister’s house and spread manure.

They thought it was the fourth of July celebration at Justice John Roberts’ house or something. Angry agrarians “left manure on a street near the home of Christianne van der Wal, the minister leading the Netherlands’ anti-pollution efforts.

Its down to a fight for survival, the producers try to tell the moochers and looters. “We cannot invest. Our fathers, our uncles, cannot invest in the future. And so as young farmers we also have no prospect of taking over a farm,” explains 23-year-old dairy farmer Marijn van Heun. Fellow farm owner Jaap Zegwaard is taking action.

His dairy farm is a long way from the Hague, but that’s where him and his tractor are. He brought samples. “This is where the rules are made. “I was asked to come here and provide breakfast so we can show we are food producers, not pollution producers.

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