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What happened on Tuesday in Washington D.C. is definitely not “normal.” The Imperial Palace is furious with Boris Johnson for upsetting Biden’s handlers during his recent trip to America. The U.K. Prime Minister was granted an imperial audience with His Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., in the throne room, for a “pivotal meeting.” He made the mistake of taking questions from a pair of British reporters. Palace “aides then cut him off mid-sentence.”


Is this the new normal?

According to Wall Street Journal scribe Andrew Restuccia, it was suddenly “a chaotic scene” on Tuesday, September 21, as staffers ordered “everyone to leave.”

Official Palace Minister of Propaganda, Jen Psaki, was quick to explain that “Johnson had not warned” them “he was planning on starting a conversation.” Under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t need to.

Psaki spent a lot of time getting the spin on her story just right before she surfaced in front of the press on Wednesday. “I think our relationship with the United Kingdom and prime minister Johnson is so strong and abiding we will be able to move forward beyond this,” she assures.

She made what happened seem totally normal even though it’s not. Johnson, she claims, “called on individuals from his press corps without alerting us to that intention in advance.” He didn’t know he was required to. “She was smiling as she spoke, but it remains unclear if this was a minor slap on the wrist for the prime minister or a joke.”

Liberal progressives in the Washington media helped deflect attention from the questions and the Prime Minister’s possible responses by asking a different question, which is normal for them.

Psaki was glad to be asked if “Biden was concerned about being overshadowed by Johnson.” That’s an easy one to answer. “I think the president has not spent a minute worrying about it.” Joe Biden can’t remember what he did five minutes ago. He forgot it ever happened.

Formal complaint lodged

The Ministry of Truth swears up and down that killing the mic of a visiting head of state as a form of censorship is totally normal. They do it all the time.

The group of reporters who officially cover the antics in Washington, called the “White House Correspondents Association” lodged a formal complaint. They’re raging mad because “U.S. reporters had not been able to ask questions.”

Psaki stuck to her normal techniques and simply sidestepped the question. Responding to Steve Portnoy of CBS, she weaseled that she was “unaware that the incident had occurred and suggested that she was not in a position to offer an immediate solution.”


Censorship? What censorship. I don’t see any censorship. Her job is to keep Biden off the camera as much as possible. He keeps saying the wrong thing on camera. Like when he told one reporter asking a question His Wisdom didn’t like, “you are such a pain in the neck.”

Portnoy really hit a nerve with Psaki when he asked her when journalists would be able to ask Biden “substantive, pointed questions” about issues. She was outraged.

“I would note that he answered questions 135 times leading up to September; three times last week. And he’ll keep looking for forums to answer the questions from all of you—something that he sees as vitally important to our democracy.” As normal, he won’t say anything about anything actually significant. He’ll just keep babbling about “Corn Pop” and leering at the pre-teens in the audience.

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