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Following the initial attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, the Middle East has been facing an ongoing hostage crisis. Now, Palestinian Islamic Jihad official has made a shocking accusation against Israel, claiming that they do not want to secure the release of its citizens who were taken into the Gaza Strip during this deadly attack.

According to Mohammad al-Hindi, deputy secretary general for the militant group, Hamas is willing to release two civilian hostages on medical and humanitarian grounds: an elderly woman and young boy.

Al-Hindi also said that there are Palestinians in Israeli prisons too and that Israel will be “forced” into making a prisoner exchange deal that would result in the release of all prisoners from Israeli detention centers.

The militant group previously announced that it had seized 30 hostages from the October 7th operation alone, with 240 total taken from Israel into Gaza.

Talks between Hamas and Israel have been ongoing since this latest confrontation began but both sides remain at an impasse with no resolution in sight. Hamas wants its prisoners released while Israel insists on guarantees given by Hamas before they agree to any exchanges or releases.

With both sides unwilling to budge, it is highly likely that these negotiations will continue for some time still before any agreement can be reached – if ever one does come about at all.

Despite the political posturing taking place behind closed doors, what remains clear is that innocent civilians are paying a heavy price for this conflict; their lives held hostage by warring parties who seem unwilling or unable to reach a peaceful resolution anytime soon.

This is a developing story.

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