Breaking: Soldiers in Critical Condition


A total of 11 soldiers assigned to Fort Bliss in Texas are still in the hospital, two in critical condition. Details are still emerging. The Army announced Friday that the personnel ingested an “unknown substance” during a field training exercise.


Soldiers rushed for treatment

So far, 11 servicemen stationed in the Texas Army base, Fort Bliss, are still undergoing medical care on Friday with two of the victims remaining in critical condition.

A spokesunit with the First Armored Division and public affairs office reports that “the soldiers fell ill after consuming something that they had acquired ‘outside of authorized food supply distribution’ channels.”

Major General Sean C. Bernabe stresses that safety of the troops is always their number one concern. “We took immediate action to treat everyone involved with the best medical care available.”

As senior mission commander of both the First Armored Division and Fort Bliss, he feels a commitment “to soldiers and families remains our number one priority as we work to understand what occurred January 28.”

While it’s great to hear that the poisoned soldiers were rushed for care, it’s disconcerting that nobody has much to say about what the substance was or how it ended up being ingested.

Army has no comment

Reporters didn’t get much information from the Pentagon on Friday. “A request for comment from the Army was not returned.”

They do assure though Twitter that “the incident posed no threat to the community,” only their soldiers.

According to the First Armored Division, “officials were working with law enforcement officials to investigate the incident.” We do know a little about the troop members though.

“The injured personnel, which included one warrant officer, two noncommissioned officers and eight enlisted soldiers, were receiving care at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center in Texas.”

Nicknamed “Old Ironsides,” the division boasts “17,000 trained soldiers and carries out operations in support of U.S. military geographic combatant commands.” Fort Bliss has been in the headlines way too many times recently for Pentagon comfort. Incidents including “several deaths in recent weeks.”

For instance, earlier this month, “a soldier was found dead in her barracks months after reporting a sexual assault.” Weeks later, a second base member was” found dead at home.” Traffic accidents claimed the lives of two other service members this month.

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