Car Crashes Through Chief’s Super Bowl Parade

Oh no!
Chiefs Parade
Photo via Fox 4 KC Video Screenshot

After five decades of frustration, the Kansas City Chiefs won a Super Bowl.

The parade to celebrate the achievement was supposed to be a city-wide celebration, but there was a very scary moment when a car crashed through the barriers onto the parade route, sending fans scrambling.

Scary Moments

This could have been far worse than it ended up being.

According to local reports, the car crashed through parade barriers at 8:12 a.m.

Police put down stop sticks, but they failed to stop the vehicle, and it continued down the parade route.

Eventually, police were forced to use the PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle.

This is when one car tries to spin the second vehicle out of control by hitting its rear quarter panel…

The Motive

Initially, there was concern this was a possible terrorist attack.

Those concerns were quickly alleviated when both the police and the mayor stated the driver was possibly impaired.

It appeared as this was a zealous fan that probably just had a little too much to drink and decided he wanted to become part of the parade rather than just enjoy the parade.

Mayor Lucas stated that even though this was a scary moment, the city was more than ready for the situation

Lucas stated, “The entirety of the parade route was secured.

“I think we were incredibly ready for the situation.

“Crowds are now cheering officers along the way, so we have even more heroes to celebrate today.”

Thankfully, this was the only rogue fan and by all accounts, the rest of the day went off without a hitch.

Congratulations to the Chiefs and their head coach, Andy Reid, who is finally able to get that championship monkey off his back.

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