Chaos Erupts as Party Goers Clash With Officers of the Law [Videos]


Chaos has erupted in Florida and party-goers and others continue to run amuck and clash with police officers.


Party Chaos Erupts

A staggering 1,000 arrests have already been made and almost 100 gun seizers have taken place during Florida’s spring break season.

Despite curfews, all-night parties continue even after strict rules have been put in place. Thousands gather and it has been resulting in mass street fights and chaos.

After this combined with property damaged escalated Beach Police brought in help from SWAT teams who tried to disperse the crowds.


Republican Leader Weighs In

Popular Republican Representative in Florida’s 1st congressional district discussed his displeasure with the situation.

“If you want to come to our state and enjoy freedom, go to a restaurant, go to the beach, go fishing, get a little weird (not too weird…) Then as we say in the deep south, y’all come! But if you’re coming to cause damage and harm, you’ll be held accountable,” he said on Fox News in an interview with Sean Hannity.

Emergency Order in Place

Due to the severity of the violence, Miami has issued an emergency 8 p.m. curfew that will last into April to stay in place until spring break party season ends.

“We definitely want people to come and have fun,” Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola said Monday. “It’s a nightlife city. We want people of all races, genders, sexual orientation. But we can’t tolerate people thinking they can come here and act out a scene from ‘Fast and the Furious,’ speeding down the streets and shooting guns in the air.”

There is suspicion that this situation is not just the result of spring breakers gone wild but rather the possible work of Black Lives Matter members. While this hasn’t been confirmed the suspicion still lingers that the domestic terrorist group could be culprits in Florida’s spring break chaos.

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