Chemistry Student Busted Injecting Toxic Cocktail Under Door


Umar Abdullah had no idea that a neighbor in his building was slipping poison under his door. Why the chemistry major drop-out was trying to harm the Florida resident and his family is still unknown but he seems to have been bothered by noises in the night.

Opioids under the door

For some time, Xuming Li has allegedly been “injecting an opioid ‘chemical agent‘ underneath their front door, causing the family and their newborn baby to fall ill.” he is being described in news reports as a “chemistry student” but he hasn’t been to class in a while. What he has been doing was caught on camera. An assassination attempt.

Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah were “warmly welcomed by other residents in the building” when they moved in. That was in June of 2022. It didn’t take long before “Abdullah began receiving texts from his disgruntled downstairs neighbor, Xuming Li.

At first, Li seemed like a “regular guy.” One who “complained about losing sleep and hearing the toilet seat move.” Sorry pal but that’s apartment living for you. “After months of quarreling, Abdullah said he, his wife, and their daughter started feeling dizzy and vomiting.

They were being poisoned under their door and didn’t even know it. “I look at my daughter,” Abdullah relates, “her eyes were full of tears. She was not crying, but her eyes were full of tears.

The family had no idea what what making them ill. One day, “a friend noticed the chemical smell while retrieving a package for Abdullah while he and his family were away on vacation.” the odor was described as “more ‘obnoxious‘ than nail polish remover.

Without realizing the poison was being literally injected under the door, they ruled out the obvious sources of a foul odor, one-by-one. They never expected their downstairs neighbor whipped up some do it yourself Novichok with locally sourced ingredients.

Not the air conditioning

The first one Mr. Abdullah called was the air conditioning company, “who found no problems. Then he called a plumber who also found nothing wrong with the water heater, where the smell appeared to be emanating from. His landlord replaced the heater and he even had his air ducts and vents cleaned — but the chemical smell persisted.

He even tried the Hazmat guys at the fire department, who also came up empty. Their tests “revealed nothing.” Then he put a security camera up to watch his door. By sniffing around like a dog, he noticed that was where the smell was most obvious.

There was no way he was simply imagining the symptoms. The whole family had the same ones. Then he saw the camera footage. The next time they felt ill, they checked the recording. All they could make out was “Yi crouching down outside of his door.

They couldn’t see what he was up to. Mr. Abdullah adjusted the camera and waited for the next attack. That video “shows Li apparently squirt the liquid inside the syringe, which contained opioids, through a crack in the door.

We were shaking,” he told local outlets. “We can’t imagine that he is coming and doing something.” He instantly called the cops. “Li was arrested by Tampa police and slapped with a number of felony charges, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance and burglary.

Once they had something to sample, tests revealed the “liquid chemical agent” contained “a combination of methadone and hydrocodone — both opioid pain medications.” Apparently they have an effect simply wafting through the air when injected through the door. “Li is listed as a PhD. chemistry student at the University of Southern Florida, but the school told the outlet he had not been enrolled since the summer 2023 semester ended.” He won’t see a judge until December 5.

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