Chris Wallace Flips Out, Goes Full Bias…Threatens to Remove Trump


While talking to Steve Cortes, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, Chris Wallace has a meltdown and shows his true colors.


Cortez Calls Out Wallace

Cortez called out the biased moderator for his refusal to be neutral during the first presidential debate.

“He had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well. You were not a neutral moderator then,” said Steve Cortes.

In their discussion on “Fox News Sunday,” they argued over the first family and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows‘ decision to not wear masks during the debate.

The Great Mask Debate

Wallace declared that the regulations from the Cleveland Clinic “could not have been more clear” that everyone in the audience had to wear a mask.

Cortes pointed out that in order to gain entry into the event, everyone had to be tested for COVID-19.

“Chris, we believe that masks are very useful, the president has worn them on many occasions, including visiting the hospital where he is now a patient, [and] when he was visiting as commander-in-chief as a guest to visit soldiers there, he wore a mask. So we believe in masks,” Cortes said. “We also believe in some element of individual choice.”

“They weren’t distanced and there were rules, and there was no freedom of choice. They broke the rules,” Wallace responded.

“The way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night,” Cortes shot back.

“I don’t mind tough questions, I welcome reasonably tough questions. But what I don’t think is OK is for you to become the effective opposition to the president. OK?” Cortes added.

Siding with Biden

“Steve, let me simply say the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times, so I object to saying I harangued the president. I know it’s the talking point,” Wallace said.


The exchanged showed Wallace’s distaste in Trump and his inability to be a neutral ground. Wallace made it very clear that he wants Biden to win the presidency and for President Trump to not bring up the former vice president’s corruption.

    1. I think you are correct, Chris Wallace should not be a moderator, he is extremely biased, therefore he cannot be a moderator, even he (Chris) made a statement in an earlier interview, that the moderator should be unnoticed as if he was not there!!!

  1. Chris Wallace is the worst moderater and should be fired. Worst journalist too. I know I already said this, but I don’t think you are listening.

  2. Chris Wallace Flips Out, Goes Full Bias…Threatens to Remove Trump, Who gave this guy that kind of power? Seems that his bias is deep as a swamper! Plus now he has visions of grandeur of being the “savior” of American from Trump! The cure for that is to have FOX fire him and then his head will shrink back to normal size. I’m thinking if we elect Trump with a Landslide that will tell idiots with over inflated egos on the small screens they don’t matter very much as We the People elect our Presidents !!

  3. Chris Wallace is a Biden supporter , everyone knows that and everyone who watched the debate saw first hand the favoritism shown Joe Biden . No matter how he tries to defend himself . The questions asked of Biden were softball at best and no effort at all made when Biden would interrupt . Also no repercussion for the disrespect shown by Biden , “Shut Up ! Really Joe ?

  4. Wallace wants Trump to not bring up Biden’s corruption-people in hell want ice water, too. The media has tormented Trump for the past four years, looking for corruption-they couldn’t find any, but they pretended they had the goods on him, anyway. Now, a corrupt Biden is running and the crimes he committed are well known and this same media works to cover it up. I guess we’re supposed to ignore the corruption of the Democrat candidate for president and I guess that means we should also overlook the corruption of the media (including the corruption of Wallace, himself). Why is it that once someone becomes a Democrat, in any capacity, they also become incapable of making a true statement? Perhaps it’s the notion that facts can be ignored in favor of the “truth”.

  5. NO NEW NEWS HERE! Chris Wallace has been the CLOSET LIBERAL at FoxNews, for years. He was emboldened to fully display his bias when the flake, know nothing, done nothing son of Rupert Murdock became the head of FoxNews.

  6. Chris Wallace was NOT a neutral moderator in the Presidential debate and often showed his disdain and disrespect for this duly elected President. That is not a desirable thing for him or ANYONE in that position. Biden is a creep with A LONG TERM RECORD of embarrassing behaviors toward women and minorities , especially Blacks. Most every word coming out of his mouth is a lie and can be proved to be such BUT, the mass media will NOT address the issue and supports him and his candidacy, THIS IS ALSO ESTABLISHED AND DEMONSTRABLE FACT! There is utterly NO journalistic Integrity in the profession at large, the last truly fair man of such was Paul Harvey who, in November of 1965 when I was a college sophomore, predicted in an article
    the abuses to the penny of the lunatic left, the attacks on the nuclear family and ALL THE BS WE HAVE UNDERGONE WITH THE LEFT ATTACKING TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES , CHRISTIAN FAITH, MORAL CONSCIENCE AND IGNORING AND DISDAINING OF THE CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW! I am a 75 year old, 100% disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam Vet with a 53 year old degree in GOVERNMENT who served “in country,” at the height of the worst fighting of that unnecessary war and one we were never allowed to win by Kissinger and other politicians who overrode career field Commanders on most issues. It began the divisiveness nurtured EVER since by Obama in particular and his wife’s most recent diatribe has no basis in FACT. I KNOW the corruption firsthand as after Vietnam and in combat with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade I was assigned for my last 2 years to the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C., then in 1969 on Georgia Ave NW and the place was a swamp filled with swamp slime Congress cretins, smugly superior and just as uncaring of American Citizens then as they are today. In Vietnam , I had been Chaplain’s Assistant to and field protection for MOH awardee for valor Chaplain (CPT) Charles Angelo Liteky; the ONLY one of 3 such in the entire 21 year history of the war to LIVE to receive it and I am proud of my service but NOT of the country we have become since! If you believe in individual liberties, the Right to work, have religious faith and wish to keep the right to practice it, if you love your children and want a bright future for them, then NEVER vote for one of the leftist lunatics doing their best to try and implement U.N. Agenda 21 here in this country! They would turn us into an occupied vassal state with no private property and no sovereignty and with them controlling all aspects of YOUR lives and deeming YOUR progeny as state property to do with as they please and you having NO SAY in it. If you are like most today who have been indoctrinated in the failed and failing further public educational system, you know little of this Agenda. LOOK IT UP FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND THAT OF YOUR CHILDREN!
    If you do: it is highly likely if you comprehend the issues involved, that you will NEVER vote for A Progressive Democrat for anything except indictment for sedition and high treason; AND, THERE IS PLENTY OF HARD EVIDENCE INDICATING PARTICIPATION IN BOTH, IF YOU WILL BUT LOOK AT IT!

  7. Wallace has never been a fan of President Trump…that is no secret. It was clear to me that Wallace was not asking Biden the tough questions, and there a few directed at the President that were dug up from the last debate Wallace moderated. There also appeared not be any time allotted for rebuttals. Is it any wonder the President felt he was debating 2 people and had to get his shots in when he could? He was admittedly a little aggressive in the process, maybe to try and through Biden off his script.

    …and did that exposed wire in Biden’s jacket go to an ear piece? Look for a radio jammer on the next debate!

    Bottom line, Wallace was not prepared enough to counter Biden’s untrue comments (which is why Trump felt the need to jump in) and the questions were not framed properly to get straight answers from the participants on differences in policy. This should’ve been a slam dunk for comparing socialism to capitalism….very disappointing performance.

  8. Wallace needs to go to CNN/or mnbc and become one of their talking heads that are given scripts to read – all the same buzz words – what a pathetic excuse for journalism-journalism died many years ago not we are in indoctrination propaganda campaign by all these supposedly unbiased jerks. Wallace is one of the head jerk.

  9. That had to be one of the worst interviews I have ever seen. Chris Wallace was very biased.It was plain to any one watching that he does not like President Trump.I’ll never watch anything in future that has Chris Wallace in it.

  10. Hey Chris, who do you think you are? Go ahead you spineless whining cry baby. Try to “remove” the President of the United States. I would love to see what the Secret Service would do.

  11. Got the job because of his father. Nepotism in its truest form. Little talent teleprompter reader. Does read well though.

  12. Photo showed that Biden had some kind a piece sticking out of his shirt sleeve. Yes, Hunter Biden was discharged from the military for using DRUGS. Daddy stated that was a line. NO, it was the truth. How come Wallace never did bring up about BRISMA and the CHINA monies??? Wallace was definitely one sided. Get rid of him!!

  13. Wallace should be fired. I quit watching the communist years ago. He is a low IQ subhuman that lives off his father’s name. Just another rich kid that as a grownup could not make it on his own.

  14. The only reason Chris Wallace is where he is now, it is because of who his father was. Wallace is small time creep.

  15. Why is Fox not giving Chris Wallace his walking papers? This was a disgusting show of bias towards a dully elected president BY THE PEOPLE! Hey, FOX News, who do you think watches your news cast? Biden? Harris? They could care less about Fox news unless they own you. It appears that they are well on their way to that based on you accepting your colleage’s horrendous so-called moderating performance. Even some of his own colleages commented on his bias. The debate turned out to be no better than one hosted by CNN, and just so you should know CNN is at the bottom of the Cesspool.

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