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CNN host Fareed Zakaria just struck fear into the heart of Democrats everywhere. On a recent show, he outlined the simple and completely legal way President Trump could remain in office for a second term. Lefties are getting nervous.

CNN is getting worried

The anti-Trump Lefties spent several days dancing and celebrating in the streets over Joe Biden’s apparent victory. The champaign was flowing, Trump effigies were being kicked around in the streets and hardly any buildings were burned and looted.

But now there’s a rising sense of anxiety as Trump’s legal team contests the vote in several key battleground states. Massive evidence of voter fraud is being presented and there is a very real chance President Trump will get a second term. CNN host Fareed Zakaria just laid out a simple way that Trump could remain in the White House.

Zakaria said, “The terrifying reality is that there are also mechanisms that are legal and constitutional that would enable Trump to stay in office without actually winning the vote.

The system of electing the President is complicated because it was not designed to be directly Democratic. The constitution calls for states to choose the presidential electors, who in turn gather to vote for the president.”

It’s worth noting that this segment was filmed prior to the election, and Zakaria seemed to predict the exact outcome, with Trump leading on election day then Biden suddenly pulling ahead in the days following.

Zakaria went on to say, “Over time, states have passed laws that ensured their state’s popular vote for the presidency would determine the electors. But those are laws, not a constitutional obligation. Now, imagine the scenario during the election.

Trump is leading on November 3rd, but Joe Biden pulls ahead in the days following. Republicans file objections to tens of thousands of mail-in ballots. Democrats file counter-suits. Taking account of the confusion, legislatures decide to choose the electors themselves.”

Trump 2020

At this point in the segment, Lefties were probably getting nauseous at the thought of another four years of Trump. But for once, CNN was right.

It’s possible that Republicans in congress can decide that disputed states should simply not be counted. If no one has 270 electoral votes to win, the states would decide the winner, with each state getting one vote.

If each state gets one vote, the outcome would be 26 red states vs 23 blue states with 1 tie. This would be completely constitutional and Trump knows it. “We have a big advantage if it goes back to Congress. You now that? I think it’s 26 to 23,” Trump said at a recent rally.

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