FBI Cleans House


According to the entire editorial board of the New York Post, its time to clean the FBI house in an extreme way. Like splitting it up to three departments. Denial, they insist, “is no longer possible.” The Federal Bureau of Instigation literally tried to frame Donald Trump. Bureau HQ “not only pumped up the Russiagate scandal knowing none of the ‘evidence‘ held up, it then turned around to help deep-six actual evidence of Hunter Biden crimes.” Not just any crimes but ones “that tainted now-President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

FBI leaders must go

Whether Igor Danchenko is convicted or not, John Durham’s prosecution revealed a lot about the FBI to the American public. Most conservatives were aware of the general shenanigans, if not the details, but the testimony of one witness after another this week serves to rub the noses of liberal Democrats into the mess they made on the carpet.

For instance, “disgraced FBI analyst Brian Auten” testified that the bureau “dangled” $1 million in front of Christopher Steele, “to verify at least part of his package of allegations against President Donald Trump.” Steele couldn’t do it but they used it all against Trump and his associates anyway.

The bureau honchos steamrolled straight ahead and started using Steele’s fiction in Crossfire Hurricane, hoping that their investigation would find something, anything, which could be used to back it up. They couldn’t prove anything. Instead of admitting they were wrong, they simply kept looking for proof they knew wasn’t there.

They lied and forged evidence to convince the FISA court into allowing a wire tap on Trump associate Carter Page. Both the FBI and Just Us Department were caught “lying in sworn documents shared with the court and other federal agencies.

Hunter Biden was an entirely different story. There the FBI went spastic trying to cover up any sort of investigation which might prove a Democrat big wheel committed crimes. Worse, they knew investigating Hunter would blow back on the entire family, especially Joe Biden.

They way they covered up the Biden family crimes ahead of the 2020 election raises the possibility the election itself is null and void. Donald Trump can rightfully claim he would have won had the voting public been aware of all the facts. That sets him up to establish a “government in exile” for negotiations with other sovereign nations.

After Danchenko admitted it

The worst part, the Post points out, is that “even after Danchenko admitted he’d made it all up, the FBI still relied on the dossier to get the court to extend its surveillance warrants in the spring and summer of 2017.

That’s when “Jim Comey practically got down on his knees and begged retired DNI James Clapper not to blow up the fact that the dossier was unverified.

Auten himself “got called on the carpet for his role in these dirty deeds — yet was nonetheless tapped to work up a 2020 analysis of the amply corroborated financial shenanigans of Hunter Biden.” This time, he was out to cover them up.

FBI headquarters intervened deceptively to shield Hunter (and Joe), after illegally intervening to kneecap Trump. It’s there in black and white. But Durham’s only exposed the rot; it’s up to the American people to demand a housecleaning.

The New York Post left it there. That’s because the last thing the mainstream media wants to do is expose the real truth. Truth like the fact that the American people are standing up to demand such an FBI housecleaning.

Maybe not in those exact words but American Patriot Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman is currently trekking across America on foot to Washington. He’s out to raise awareness that there is a peaceful solution to our government corruption problems. When he gets to D.C. he’ll deliver a whole bunch of messages from the heartland of America reminding our federal representatives that “they work for us.

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