Court Deals Trump MAJOR Win Ahead of Elections


A Maryland court tossed a nuisance suit filed by the American Federation of Government Employees right in the trash where it belongs. It’s a major win for President Donald Trump. Just in time for the pre-election frenzy, liberal federal workers aren’t allowed to snivel at work.

Court declares no sniveling allowed

According to a federal judge in a Maryland court, whining and sniveling at work is not a protected free speech right. It’s perfectly legal to ban federal workers from “discussing resisting or impeaching President Donald Trump while on the job.”

As Judge Paula Xinis ruled, the federation’s claim that their members speech would be “chilled,” if the “Advisory Opinion” which torched off the controversy were allowed to stand, wasn’t backed up by any principal of law to support it. They provided “little reason as to why” it should be granted by the court.

The controversy got started in 2018, when the Office of Special Counsel warned that “statements on resistance and impeachment” were a violation of the rule which prevents “federal employees from supporting or opposing a political candidate’s campaign while on the job,” CNN notes. “To the extent that the statement relates to resistance to President Donald J. Trump, usage of the terms ‘resistance,’ ‘#resist,’ and derivatives thereof is political activity.” The employees got their day in court and lost.

A violation of the Hatch Act

Local 2578 of was the particular branch of the American Federation of Government Employees to go rogue. They were furious that back in November, the Office of Special Counsel made the 2018 decision formal and “told federal employees that use of the “resistance” terms when discussing the President, as well as supporting or opposing impeachment of any candidate running for political office, which includes the President who is running for re-election, could be considered a violation of the Hatch Act. The court now agrees.

Left leaning moles in the administration were so distraught that they needed extra Play-Doh therapy, when the White House ordered any of their favorite slogans and hash-tags were forbidden “political activity.” The guidance spells out that, “while those terms were initially used to oppose administration policies, they have now become ‘inextricably linked with the electoral success (or failure) of the President.'” At least one Maryland Court agrees.

The sword cuts both ways but liberals don’t want to admit that. They went to court screaming oppression even though, “while on duty or in a federal workplace” employees are “prohibited from wearing, displaying, or distributing” items from Trump’s campaigns, like “Make America Great Again” or “#MAGA.” Punishment for the Hatch Act, in cases where it is enforced, “can range from a simple reprimand to the loss of a job.”

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