Democrat Mayor Goes on Another Power Trip, Threatens Citizens

Latoya Cantrell New Orleans Democrat COVID Lockdown

New Orleans Democrat Mayor Latoya Cantrell is threatening to impose more restrictions on the city due to COVID-19. Mask mandates, more lockdowns and forced social distancing is on the agenda. There’s no end in sight. Will the people comply?


Democrat politicians force COVID lockdowns

Democrat tyrants are at it again. They’re using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to trample on the Constitution and push their Left-wing agenda.

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell recently took to twitter to warn citizens about upcoming lockdowns. “Our cases are on the rise!” Mayor Cantrell wrote. “We have ONE week to get them down or NOLA will have to issue more restrictions to #slowthespread 😷 Our current situation is hurting our healthcare system and our healthcare workers. They have done so much for us, mask up for them. 😷 ”

Her warning will not likely effect the COVID-19 numbers in New Orleans, so chances are more strict measures will be taken by Democrat lawmakers.

The Louisiana Department of Health claims the city has averaged 170 new cases per day over the past week.

New Orleans just moved into “Phase 3.3” of its reopening plan last month. Bars and restaurants were reopened, then re-closed again several weeks later when Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards rolled the entire state back to “Phase 2” of their wacky plan.

COVID fears overblown?

Dr. Jennifer Avegno, who’s a doctor in New Orleans, said “Covid is spreading more rapidly, it’s everywhere or at least we should presume it’s everywhere. I don’t yet see a dramatic spike but right now is when we would be starting to see those Thanksgiving cases and certainly those Thanksgiving hospitalizations will start to show up in the next week.”

They say “we should presume it’s everywhere.” What a bizarre statement. In New Orleans, less than 5% of tests are coming back positive for COVID-19. The typical person who’s infected shows little to no symptoms. Some report a mild flu like feeling. Should we be destroying the economy, closing small businesses and keeping children out of school for this? Democrat leaders certainly think so. It’s time to push back.

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