Democrat Mayor Sued, Accused Of Flagrant & Abusive Racism


When is racism considered art? When it’s ordered by a “radical leftist” Democrat. The Mayor of Washington D.C. is in legal hot water, sued in court after commissioning some flagrantly abusive artwork. The giant Black Lives Matter sign may as well have been painted with the the blood of her taxpayers.


Racism disguised as art

It’s bad enough that the racism promoting slogan stretches for blocks in such bold yellow letters that it can be seen from outer-space. Worse, the banner proclaiming that “black people are the favored race of the city of D.C.” was paid for by the taxpayers. As CNN reports, “Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser commissioned” what they call a “mural,” noting it “spans two blocks of 16th Street.” She’s being sued over it.

All lives matter but blacks don’t want to hear that. One self-proclaimed “street preacher” decided to take a stand, calling the display “racist.” Murals are usually artistic scenes, not advertising billboards. Last week, Mayor Bowser ordered city employees of the Public Works department to paint “Black Lives Matter” curb-to-curb high along the roadway “that leads directly to the White House.” The Blaze reported, “The mural was painted right before a planned George Floyd protest.” Your tax dollars at work.

To cause even more racially biased attention, Bowser renamed the whole section of the street “Black Lives Matter Plaza.” She admits it was done only to get attention for racism. “We want to call attention today to making sure our nation is more fair and more just and that black lives and that black humanity matter in our nation,” Bowser said, placing blacks above every other human being.

See you in court

Rich Penkoski isn’t about to take the insult lying down, so he told Mayor Bowser he will see her in court, sending a process server to deliver a lawsuit. The “self-proclaimed street preacher and member of Warriors for Christ” teamed up with Chris Sevier, a former judge advocate general. They then brought in Tex Christopher, who works as a beltway lobbyist. Mayor Bowser’s “mural,” they insist, “violated the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.”

The government sponsored mural “displayed preference to the Black Lives Matter cult orthodoxy” and its being used as a “legal weapon against non-observers of the Black Lives Matter religion.” Not only that, “The Black Lives Matter banner conveys that black people are the favored race of the city of D.C., which is of course a racist contention floated by a racist Democrat who persistently refuses to think logically.”

The plaintiffs offered a compromise solution. Replace the “Black Lives Matter” racism promoting slogan with three others designed to unite. “Blue Lives Matter” for law enforcement, “Green Lives Matter” for the National Guard, and “All Lives Matter.”

  1. So, when does it get labeled as reverse racism? When does the double standard get exposed for what it really is, pure hatred. There is no working “across the aisle” when it comes to the black community. They scream that we’ve got to help and yet they spew hatred and don’t really want to work with the white community, or even the blacks who see through all of it and speak out only to be called Uncle Tom’s or worse. obama really screwed this country up with his racist crap and I’m sure he’s smiling about it every day.

  2. They create more racism, where there wasn’t any. Taxpayers need to fight back with the slogan, All Lives Matter. I hope they will get it changed and make restitution for the loss of taxpayers funds. Racism is their intent for a power struggle, and the Socialist/Communist goal is to bring division for control. If Black Lives Mattered, they would have reacted to the death of the black officer. The democrat mayor should be held accountable for inciting a riot, by orchestrating the sign or symbol of chaos in many cities.

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