With Democrats Behind the Wheel, These 6 Cities Surged in Crime


Homicides are up in major cities and violent crime is surging out of control. That’s not a huge surprise considering the circumstances. At least six major cites have suddenly developed exactly the same crisis situations and the biggest thing they have in common are their liberal principles. The Democrats have been at the wheel for years and they’re steering their cities straight into a fiery crash in the ditch.

A liberal wave of crime

Thanks to the Deep State’s social engineering our nation is faced with a “toxic mix of despair.” The way Democrats talk, you would expect their cities to be a virtual paradise of socialism. They offer sanctuary to illegals and social services to everyone. Police aren’t welcome because they’re so violent and can’t be trusted. All progressives have managed to create is a wave of looting, riots and violent crime.

At least six liberal experiments in social engineering, including New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles have turned back into the wild west as anarchists shoot it out on the streets and the crime spree rages on. Tensions which have been simmering for years between blacks and the police suddenly boiled over into violent confrontations, right on cue.

As reports of an escaped Frankenvirus crippled the economies of every nation on the planet at just the perfect moment to help the evil new world order plot of George Soros, phase two sowed the seeds of Helter Skelter. Somebody took the dubious incident involving George Floyd and blew it into worldwide riots and a crime spree of looting and shooting.

Boredom mixed with propaganda

“Everyone has been cooped up in a lot of these cities for a long time,” explains Chris Herrmann. The assistant professor of law and police science blames the crime wave on boredom mixed with propaganda. “A lot of them are looking to settle scores for the last 12 or 14 weeks.” His colleague Emily Mooney with the conservative R Street Institute agrees. “Mental health isn’t exactly thriving for the last couple of months for many individuals.”

“The summer of 2020 is going to be marked as one of the deadliest years,” argues Kalfani Ture, a criminal justice professor at Quinnipiac University. “not only because of COVID-19, but gun violence.”

Meanwhile, police across the country have been complaining about how they’ve been treated. They keep getting chased out of their stations so it can be set on fire. In one recent case in Aurora, Colorado, the anarchists locked the cops inside before they tried to commit the crime of arson and burn it down. Thankfully the rioters didn’t get to the gas they had stashed nearby before the officers got out.

“You have an almost unbroken narrative from the mainstream media that proactive policing is racist,” says Heather MacDonald at the Manhattan Institute. The pro-police yard signs are far outnumbered by “Black Lives Matter signs and the anti-police protests.” Police say it goes further than that. They blame the spike in crime violence on “a combination of the early release of people from jail during the pandemic,” and the effects of new bail reform laws. Basically, “More people not in jail.” Less cops will only aggravate the problem.

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