Watch: Road Worker Sign Strategically Located in Commieland Goes Viral


A construction sign was put along a road in a California area on Sunday with a flashing message saying, “Do not slow for protesters” is gaining both positive and negative reactions.


The Sign Says It All

The sign was placed on a rural road in unincorporated Brentwood and it also flashed the words “Trump 2020.”

Contra Costa County Public Works have disabled the sign, but another one appeared in a separate area displaying “No liberals in park” and “Trump 2020,” the East Bay Times reported.

Chris Lau, assistant county public works director, addressed the incident via email that after getting several complaints, the sign “has been returned to working order” and now reads: “No Parking – Tow Away.”

“So far, we have gathered that someone tampered with the sign’s operating system by forcibly prying open the secure operating system, gaining access to the system and displaying the message,” Lau wrote.

Mixed Reactions Over the Sign’s Messages

Some individuals hailed the sign as funny, especially for its location being in a liberal area of Democrat-run California.

Others have been complaining and criticizing the messages displayed.

“It made me feel angry and disrespected; people who are protesting are using their freedom of speech,” the Brentwood nurse said. “To me, that feels like a threat on the protesters’ lives and they are already fighting and now they have to fight this.”

Protesters Continue to Bring Unrest

George Floyd protesters have continually blocked traffic on busy roads across the country. In one instance, hundreds of disruptive protesters shut down a five-lane section of highway in San Jose, California.

Many more incidents like this have and continue to occur where traffic is completely halted by sometimes violent mobs of agitators. People have been attacking vehicles while blocking roads and threatening innocent bystanders.

Vehicles Keep Getting Destroyed

In May, about 3,000 rioters took over the streets of Chicago and destroyed cars and buses, Fox News reported. Hundreds, if not thousands of police cars and other random vehicles, have been vandalized over the course of the last few months and blocking traffic is now becoming somewhat of a trendy activity.

As violence continues to permeate the streets, the sign proclaiming “Do not slow for protesters” was welcomed by some who are tired of dealing with protesters’ anarchy. It also makes it more amusing to some that the sign was placed in such a liberal location.

  1. Just a passing thought, don’t play in traffic and you wont have to worry because when you block the road and make people sit in the heat, late for work or delayed getting to the hospitals or doctors YOU are the criminal. Last I heard those roadways were created for motor vehicles not moroffs than on who never learned to not play chicken on roadways and to respect others rights ’cause yours are not the most important ones on earth except to you. So just thinking maybe you should protest in safer areas or expect to become road kill.

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