Details Emerge, BLM Privilege, and it Gets INFURIATING


Another example confirming that laws are a thing of the past is being reported from Kentucky. Prominent BLM activist Quintez Brown tried to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate in the state. All the progressive network media outlets are on his side. Meanwhile, his Black Lives Matter comrades already crowdfunded his $100,000 bail. Peaceful truckers, who had their funds hijacked, are howling for their lawyers.

BLM special privileges

Quintez Brown didn’t hesitate to play his race card. Being a Black Lives Matter™ gun control advocate gives the 21-year-old special BLM privileges to go along with it. There’s no way someone “anointed as a rising star by the Obama Foundation” and an “honored guest on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show” could be treated like a criminal.

Having your own “biweekly opinion column in the Louisville Courier-Journal to spew boilerplate leftist, race-based, anti-cop sentiment” comes with a 007 license to kill.

Conservative on the spot reporter Andy Ngo, who loves to expose the antics of BLM and Antifa®, reveals that “Brown’s social media accounts show a disturbing allegiance to anti-Semitic causes.

Groups “such as the Lion Of Judah Armed Forces, an armed black nationalist group that is linked to the virulently anti-Semitic Black Hebrew Israelites.

Just because one of the bullets intentionally fired from his Glock tore mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg’s sweater is no reason to put Brown in jail, BLM insists. The most prosecutors will charge him with is attempted sweatercide, anyway.

When the defunded police dare to act like they still have a job, Soros selected district attorneys make sure no person of color does any serious time behind bars. Only deplorable insurrectionists get stuck in cells with no out-world contact.

GoFundMe hypocrites

Nobody can trust GoFundMe with a fundraising campaign ever again. They just proved that they make up their terms and rules as they go along. You may think you have a bunch of donations coming in but if BLM doesn’t like your political leanings, they won’t let you have the cash.

The Freedom Convoy learned that lesson the hard way. Non-violent patriots tricked into a self-guided tour of the Capitol Building are kept in solitary for months but trying to shoot a mayoral candidate gets a free pass.

That’s no surprise to anyone who lived through the 2020 year of the bat. That year, BLM protesters looted and burned their way across the country to chants of defund the police. Arrested anarchists were pushed through the revolving door fast enough to be on the street for the evening riot.

At the same time, “Nonviolent, unarmed Jan. 6ers can’t get bail, are vilified as domestic terrorists, and are banned from crowdfunding resources to pay crippling legal expenses.” Something’s wrong with this picture.

Conservatives point out, and the liberal media ignores, nobody “has doxxed the donors to BLM’s Louisville Community Bail Fund, like they did the people who donated to the Canadian truckers or to Kyle Rittenhouse. The Washington Post didn’t go phoning BLM donors asking them to explain themselves, like they did the trucker donors.

It’s clear the the race card comes with a whole lot more privileges than American Express could ever imagine. California cardholders are entitled to $950.00 worth of free merchandise at any one shop. All they have to do is bring their own bag. Preferably, one made of recycled materials or hemp, not plastic.

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