Dictator Biden Has Spoken…Your Independence Will Now Be CONTROLLED

Dictator Biden Has Spoken...Your Independence Will Now Be CONTROLLED

Dictator Joe Biden has made his decision about when you may be allowed to be free again. In his first prime-time address, Biden made several promises about his COVID policy plans.


Biden’s Promises

First, Biden stated that all adults will be eligible for vaccines by May 1. Of course, Biden has pledged that there will be enough vaccines for all eligible adults very soon, taking full credit for this action and ignoring the fact that it was all made possible by President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed.” His claims were so outrageous that even left-wing news outlets had to report that Biden doesn’t deserve all the credit, with The Washington Post writing an article entitled: “‘Finishing the Deal’: Biden vaccine victories build on Trump team’s work.”

An opinion columnist at another left-wing outlet, The Hill, noted that it is especially difficult for the media to question Joe Biden. “Don’t expect much of the media to question whether he deserves the credit or not. It’s just not in their DNA,” he wrote.

Biden’s next promise was that we will begin to “mark our independence from this virus” by the Fourth of July. The question is, what does he mean by that? Will the American people finally be free from authoritarian lockdowns and mask orders on Independence Day? Or will they just ease restrictions enough for people to think things are getting better? Will the Democrat governors even give up their power?

He partially answers the question later in his speech, saying that we could safely gather — at least in small groups — on July 4th to “make this Independence Day truly special.”

The Bottom Line

The point of all of Biden’s promises is simple: Democrat dictators are in charge, they have the power, and they will decide when we are allowed to have our constitutionally guaranteed, God-given rights back. Under Democrat rule, the First Amendment right to freely assemble only applies to Black Lives Matter riots. Those of us in Democrat-run states are stuck like this until they decide we can be free, or until we decide to move somewhere where freedom still exists.

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