Evidence of Professional Fraud in Pennsylvania


At a press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, noted that election fraud there is handled by professionals. He issued a statement on behalf of the Trump campaign on Saturday to describe the extremely troubling election rigging situation which affects several states.

Fraud exposed by poll watchers

In a press conference videoed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, only moments after the biased network news declared Joe Biden as the winner, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani explained a situation “extremely troubling” for the “commonwealth of Pennsylvania and for a number of other states,” promising to file federal election lawsuits Monday. “Philadelphia is a professional place for voter fraud because you have a decrepit Democratic machine in power for 60 years.”

A group of about 5 poll watchers accompanied Giuliani on stage, representing a total of around 60 who have already filed statements and affidavits confirming specific instances of ballot fraud. Philadelphia has a lurid and well documented history of election rigging.

This year, Giuliani pointed out, “Joe Frazier is still voting here, kind of hard since he died, but Joe continues to vote.” Not only that, “Will Smith’s father has voted twice since he died. I don’t know how he votes because his vote is secret.

In Philadelphia, they keep the votes of dead people secret. At least that is something you can be commended for.”

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, also had some interesting things to say about one voter fraud incident in specific. He held up “an obituary listed for a woman in Allegheny County, born 1926, deceased 10/22/2020.”

Her ballot was “received back at the county office on November 22, 2020. And you go to the secretary of state’s web site, it said she voted in this election effective November 2, 2020, a full nine days after she passed away.”

That’s what poll watchers are for

The Pennsylvania poll watchers can’t tell how many dead people voted because they weren’t allowed to look. That’s not normal. The typical way it’s done, with absentee ballots, is “take out the absentee ballot, open it up, the republican looks at it, the democrat looks at it, if anyone objects, you put it aside.”

Some of the ballots the poll watchers saw “looked suspicious. From very far away, they look like the same pen, possibly the same handwriting.” That would be fraud. A similar situation happened in Pittsburgh and one other PA precinct. “As a friend of mine says,” Giuliani noted, “I don’t believe in conspiracies but I also don’t believe in coincidences.”

“We were deprived of the right to inspect if a single one of those ballots is legitimate. That is unheard of, illegal, unconstitutional, and we will be bringing action challenging that.” Republicans don’t have much faith in the state prosecuting the fraud on their own. “The crime goes through the roof. You have a mayor that lets them stand by and watch it. District attorney lets people go free.”

That is not a good combination. “You have got a political machine, mayors who let riots take place, district attorneys who set criminals free, I don’t think they will care much about ballot fraud. This is outrageous and an enormously important contest with a very, very suspect method of voting. There was no security, zero. The people of this city, people of this country have no assurance at all but those ballots were actually cast.”

  1. The fraud and cheating is huge. Everyone knows it. But very few will say anything. The main stream news media is in full support of the fraud and corruption. Declaring Biden the winner and completely ignoring the widespread fraud that is so obvious. Unfortunately, with all of this, a lot of people just want to throw in the towel.

    If we don’t take a stand now and do all we can to correct this vote. We can simply kiss off any future election. It’s much easier, quicker and less expensive to just print off fraudulent ballots. Then cart them in, in the dead of night, as necessary to overwhelm the honest American who only voted once.

    They are not only stealing this election. They are stealing America. You can say good-by to this country if this is allowed to stand.

  2. The Damned-O-Craps ave screwed the true Americans ROYALLY! SOMETHING has to be done about this, or we are no longer a viable Nation. …….Just wonder what other Nations are doing right now…. Laughing at us, maybe???

  3. I live here in Pa and I know this is happening! Philadelphia & Pittsburgh rule our state. Plus I will never trust a governor, Wolf, who forced positive CV elderly back into homes! So many of our preciousl loved ones died bc of his rules! Wolf followed what NY did! I will never forget.

  4. Where is the list of registered voters whose birthdays fall before 1940? Where is the list of registered voters who have not voted for the last ten years and suddenly have voted with a mail in ballot? Why no third party audits of the voting software? Where is the list of counties within the states that have more votes than they have registered voters???? There are things that can be done without delay and the Republicans need to get on it. In 2012 the issue of Romney not getting more than a handful of votes in Philadelphia seemed to go unchallenged and it should not have.

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