Democrats Move Towards Silencing President Trump While They Lie, CHEAT, and Steal the Election


Not only are Democrats trying to steal the election, they’re also upset that Donald Trump actually dares to question the apparently fraudulent election results. They have actually resorted to silencing an American president by censoring his social media posts.


The man holding the button which can unleash nuclear death anywhere in the world isn’t allowed to say what’s really on his mind to the American people.

Democrats are trying to steal the alphabet

In the eyes of deplorable Trump supporters, not only have the lying and cheating Democrats been trying to steal the election, they want to stuff the alphabet into a black bag by censoring any 140 character string of letters which doesn’t fit the liberal progressive New World Order agenda. You can say what you want on twitter, just don’t question their secret plots and schemes or they will silence you into oblivion.

Democrat so called “lawmakers,” who believe that the laws they made should never actually be enforced, are demanding that Twitter suspend the Constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights of not just any twitter user, but the President of the United States.

It’s a total insult. He’s furious that the election looks a lot like it was totally rigged against him. Democrats can steal an election but he’s not allowed to even question it.

Democrats say “none of his tweets should be posted until all the ballots have been counted.” Twitter thinks he should let them steal the election right out from under him while he stands back and let them.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina are all still in play. There are serious concerns about election fraud in several states and federal investigators are looking into them.

Pure disinformation

Daring to question the authority of globalists implementing their New World Order is called “spreading pure disinformation” in today’s Orwellian newspeak. Rep. Gerry Connoly wants to steal Trump’s twitter feed.

“Valid votes are being counted. This is America, not Russia.” A whole bunch of invalid votes appear to be counted too, and there are a lot of dumped, buried and abandoned ones for Trump still being discovered that weren’t going to get counted without a struggle.

This steal the election scheme is a threat to American Democracy. We’re supposed to have a peaceful transition of power but Obama never peacefully transitioned to Trump. The will of the people seems to be for President Donald Trump to be allowed four more years but Democrats can’t accept that. They have to resort to foul play.

American citizens aren’t about to let liberals steal the election. Not this time. The votes will be counted, and the investigations will determine what fraud was conducted when, and by whom. If, by then, President Donald Trump isn’t comfortably confirmed as the rightful occupant of the Oval Office, then patriots will do their duty under the constitution to protect it’s ideals and principles.

  1. yes all true too and they have been doing it to me for weeks and I just posted some true and they said nobody but me can see it a violation of free speech period and it was about hoe and his offspring and others in the party,,boys too what

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