This Governor is Going to Begin Interrogating Children to See What They Did on Thanksgiving and Based on Their Answers…

Governor Vermont COVID lockdown testing

Vermont Governor Phil Scott wants teachers to interrogate students to find out how they spent their Thanksgiving break. Depending on their answers, students may be required to get tested for Covid-19 prior to returning to class. He suggested businesses to do the same with their employees.


Governor imposed lockdowns

The Covid-19 hysteria continues eight months after the initial “15 days to slow the spread” campaign. Since then, we’ve witnessed unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions on everything from small businesses, schools, holiday gatherings and places of worship.

It seems like every time we turn on the news there’s another Governor trampling on the Constitution in the name of public health and safety.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott posted a series of tweets about COVID-19 and the necessary actions his state needs to take to stop the spread. “There are some who want to do the right thing but don’t see the risk in getting together.

But with the amount of virus in our communities right now, even your trusted friends and households are at much higher risk and may not know they have the virus,” Scott tweeted.

“Maybe you just aren’t worried about getting the virus. You’re young/healthy, you can work remotely or you just don’t think it’s a big deal. But you never know if you’re going to be the domino that leads to a nursing home outbreak or pushes an entire school to remote learning.”

These lunatics want us to close our businesses, stay home and work remote to protect against a virus that we “may not know we have.” Unreal.

If people were dropping like flies and bodies were piling up in the streets then yes, that would demand some drastic action. But we’re talking about a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate.

COVID Governor lockdown Vermont School

COVID is forever

Governor Scott went on to write, “Unfortunately, we know some will still get together and schools have asked for help.

The Vermont Agency of Education will direct schools to ask students or parents if they were part of multi-family gatherings and if the answer is yes, they’ll need to go remote for 14 days or 7 days and a test.”

Scott also said the state would indefinitely delay the start of school sports and he “hope’s adults realize the need to sacrifice.” Wikipedia currently lists the worldwide COVID-19 death count at 1.4 million. in 2019 alone, 1.4 million people died of tuberculosis. Yet there were no lockdowns, restrictions on gatherings or mask mandates. When will the people wake up?

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