Extremely Hostile Situation: 2 Officers Down… Swat, FBI, State Troopers, and National Guard Swarming City

National Guard and police officers guard the hospital where the injured officers are being treated
National Guard and police officers guard the hospital where the injured officers are being treated

The Louisville Metro Police Department has reported that two officers have been shot during the violent protests currently taking place in the city.

Violent protests erupted after the grand jury indictment was announced in the case of the death of Breonna Taylor. No officers were charged in her death, though one officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for accidentally firing his gun into two neighboring apartments.

Black Lives Matter activists immediately denounced the lack of charges in what they believe to be a murder by police officers.

Breonna Taylor

According to reports, officers obtained a no-knock warrant to search Taylor’s apartment for drugs and money related to an investigation into her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. Officers chose to knock and announce themselves, despite the warrant allowing them to enter unannounced, and were fired upon by Taylor’s current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who said he believed the house was being broken into.

Officers returned fire after one officer was shot by Walker, and ended up killing Taylor.

The Shooting

Police initially said that only one officer had been shot, but did not offer details.


It was confirmed later that two officers were shot and taken to the hospital.


A video was posted to Twitter where the gunshots can be heard (warning, graphic language and gun shots):

According to reports, the suspect is in custody. No details have been released yet.

State troopers are on the scene, as fires burn around downtown Louisville:

The Louisville branch of the FBI posted on Twitter that they were responding to the shooting:

Rioters are being arrested throughout the city:

National Guard is also set up outside of the hospital where the two officers are being treated. According to reports, one officer was shot under the vest, and the other was shot in the thigh:


The Louisville Metro Police Department is attempting to enforce the curfew implemented by the mayor prior to the grand jury announcement.


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