Far Left Democrats Trying to Eliminate Biden from Presidential Race

Big trouble coming for Joe Biden ASAP!
Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of Phil Roeder via Creative Commons License

It’s official… the new Democrat party does not want to see Joe Biden facing off against Donald Trump in the general election.

As such, the far-left uber-progressive movement within the Democrat party has declared war on Joe Biden.

Going to the Mattresses

What we are about to see is remnant of the old mafia wars where the mobsters would all rack up in a safe house to get ready for war.

When New Yorkers saw a truck filled with mattresses unloading at a house in the Bronx, they all knew to keep their heads down because war was coming and there would be blood in the streets.

This is exactly what we are about to see in the Democrat party as grassroots organizers are about to do anything and everything to ensure that either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren wind up on the ticket instead of primary-leader Joe Biden.

Putting Joe Behind the 8-Ball

The uber-progressives need to put Biden in a deep hole coming out of the first two primaries.

They need to create doubt among voters and contributors that Biden is not going to win.

Movements like the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Sunrise Movement are going to come at Biden with both barrels.

With AOC having already endorsed Sanders, we should also expect PACs like Justice Democrats also enter the fray.

Every aspect of Biden’s failed record will be fair game, with some of the hottest points of attack going to be bankruptcy legislation, Biden’s racist record in the Senate during the days of segregation, and certain aspects of his immigration plan.

Doing Our Work

The beauty of this plan of attack against Biden is that these progressive groups are going to be doing our grunt work for us.

They are going to dig every piece of dirt on Biden up, giving us more than enough ammo to use against him.

Biden is going to end up eating up his war chest to defend himself against his own party.

If he manages to come out of the war with the nomination, he is then going to have to face a relentless Donald Trump, who by far has the biggest war chest of any candidate.

If Biden somehow loses the nomination, his campaign will have dug up the dirt we need to defeat these other candidates in the race.

Either way, this war is going to be a huge win for Trump supporters and a bloodbath that could ultimately wind up creating a new offshoot of the Democrat party post-election. 

  1. I’m afraid that at this point, an off soot of this Dem-O-Rat Party would be a far far left party composed entirely of Nazis and commies and fascists and progressives and liberals. Your regular liberal would look to be “moderate” by comparison. However, at the same time, the rest of the so called Democrat Party would be composed, hopefully, of far more sane individuals that might actually be willing to work with Republicans to run this country the way it was meant to be run. If the far far left so called Democrats start becoming relevant, we may just have another civil war, like they are on the verge of in Virginia today. I would hate to see that happen, but it could. The Second Amendment was meant to prevent that from happening, but if it does happen, it is meant to give the people, which is what the militia is, a way to resist an out of control Government. Like I say, I hope it doesn’t come to that, but at some point the people have to stand up and tell these anti American a** holes that they will not take over our country and it is better that they leave now, permanently.

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