FBI Takes Down Homegrown Terrorist

FBI Stops Bombing
Photo Courtesy of Tim Pierce via Creative Commons License

The coronavirus pandemic caused a man in Missouri to step up his plans, just not the type of plans most of us were thinking about.

Timothy Wilson had far more nefarious thoughts on his mind and decided to “accelerate his plan” to take out a local hospital now that it is packed with coronavirus patients.

As Much Damage as Possible

According to local reports, Wilson wanted “to cause severe harm and mass casualties.”

What better opportunity than to attack now with the coronavirus pandemic running rampant through the country, right?

Hoping to seize the opportunity, Wilson tried to acquire bomb materials, only he did not realize he was already under surveillance by the F.B.I.

After making arrangements to pick up his materials, Wilson was scooped up by a task force that had been monitoring him for some time.

For months, Wilson has been planning out an attack using a “vehicle-born” IED to take out a Kansas City hospital.

Thankfully, the F.B.I. intervened.

Wilson, however, did not go down without a fight.

After being shot at the scene (it remains unclear if he was shot by an agent or he turned his weapon on himself), Wilson was taken to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Call it an ironic twist of fate that a hospital he was likely targeting was unable to save his life.

Homegrown Terrorist

As we seem to be seeing more and more of these days, Wilson was a home-grown terrorist.

The report did not say how he became activated or was recruited.

It did, however, stated that “Wilson was a potentially violent extremist, motivated by religious, racial and anti-government beliefs.”



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