First Trump Challenger Announced… Is This a Joke?

Donald Trump
Photo via PBS NEWS HOUR YouTube Video Screenshot

We have our first entry into the 2024 Republican primary.

The winner is…

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Is He Kidding?

Hogan is a very moderate Republican.

I can actually understand that considering the state he is running.

A true conservative would never win this state.

He is also about as anti-Trump as you can be, hence his interest in running in 2024.

Hogan stated, “I think there are 10 people who want to be the next Donald Trump, and I think there may be a different lane.”

He said he would also help someone of the same mindset defeat Trump or a Trump-style candidate.

Hogan stated, “If it’s not me and I don’t see a path, I want to help who I think is the strongest possible candidate.”

He has not officially declared, but he is already doing the rounds.

Hogan added, “Obviously, I’m traveling around the country, I’ve been to about 25 different states, and I’m listening to people and trying to get a feel.”

I cannot help but wonder what the people of Maryland think about him touring the country when Maryland, like many other states in this country, has cities being overrun by violent crime.

Hogan is another moderate that believes he is the savior of the country.

To that point, he stated, “I am going to be a voice somehow.

“I’m going to do everything I can to get the country back on track.

“I do not know what path that will take frankly.

“I have a job until Jan. 18.”

I have news for you Larry… the country was on track when Trump was in office.

It’s America First or nothing!

Source: Just the News

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