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Radical Lefties started rioting right after Trump’s election, even during his inauguration. They also stormed the Capitol during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to Supreme Court. But when patriots do it, it’s considered “domestic terrorism.”


Lefties are suddenly backing the blue

After the recent activity in the nation’s capital, the leftists are decrying the denial of the election results and what they claim were violent riots.

They have even accused the president of staging a coup… but I can remember four years ago very well.

The left touted the resistance and they began rioting the moment President Trump was elected, and on Inauguration Day they engaged in physical assaults.

They were backed to the hilt by the left, who when the riots failed, used a Hillary cooked up the dossier to try to undo Trump’s presidency from day one with noted liars Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff going on TV and lying to an entire country, that they had seen positive proof of collusion between Trump and Russia.

That failed, and they turned their sights on impeachment on the basis of a nonexistent quid pro quo deal. The reality is that there was a quid pro quo deal with Ukraine but it was perpetrated by Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden. He would turn over $1 billion dollars to the government if they would fire the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter.

The Left rioted during Trump’s inauguration

During Trump’s inauguration, radical lefties burned an effigy of Trump, blocked traffic on a busy highway, and vandalized property. Rioters started fires, threw rocks and Molotov cocktails, and vandalized police cars. One police car was even graffitied with the message “Time to riot.”

Similar stories were reported in New York, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

Did the lefties get over it? Did they ever accept the election? Nope. They promised to resist and the rioting didn’t stop. According to news reports, six police officers were injured, and over two hundred rioters were arrested.

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