Following Heavy Scandal, Head Activist is REMOVED


Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has been removed from her role in the national organization following multiple scandals related to her extravagant spending. Cullors has been criticized for buying multiple properties in upscale and majority white neighborhoods with the money she has made through her role as a leader of several ostensibly charitable organizations. Now she will be stepping down from her position as executive director for Black Lives Matter.


BLM co-founder is out amid scandal

In her announcement Cullors claimed that her resignation was completely unrelated to the ongoing scandals, which she dismissed as “right wing attacks.”

The liberal media has been enthusiastic in helping Cullors to generally evade the accusations of wrongdoing; a CNN article on the resignation contains no mention of the scandals and a Los Angeles Times article states that there is no evidence that she misused funds.

Still, the basic facts of the Cullors scandal expose the blatant hypocrisy of the activist, who claims to be a Marxist and yet has spent millions on her property acquisitions.

Cullors has faced criticism from other BLM aligned activists, who have claimed that Cullors and her organizations have done little to provide material help.

The national BLM organization founded by Patrisse Cullors raked in $90 million last year. Regardless of how she found the money to acquire her extra houses, Cullors certainly did very well for herself financially in 2020.

In addition to the house purchases, Cullors was recently revealed to be the co-chair of a Los Angeles based company that has been fed expensive contracts by the non-profit organizations which Cullors leads. That company was founded by the father of her child.

Cullors continues to deny wrongdoing

Still, Cullors claims that her resignation from the group has been planned for more than a year. This would mean that even before she returned to actively leading the organization last Summer she was already planning her resignation.

Allegedly the resignation is meant to give Cullors time to work on a new book and an upcoming TV deal with Warner Bros.

The timing is impossible to ignore, however. With her questionable financial decisions being exposed repeatedly over the last month, the claim that the resignation was completely unrelated to the scandals is laughable.

Cullors explained her resignation in a video on her YouTube channel, one of the other projects she claims is now a priority for her.

The video has received overwhelmingly negative comments and dislikes from individuals accusing her of running a scam and attempting to escape with the winnings.

Regardless of how Cullors and BLM hoped that the resignation would be received,   neither is likely to escape the perception of corruption and greed which her scandals have led to.

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