Fox News Just Betrayed the White House

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of The White House via Creative Commons License

For more than a week, Fox News pundits have been critical of other networks cutting away from the daily White House coronavirus updates.


Now, Fox News has joined these networks by cutting away to go to panel discussions.

Requesting Time

When the H1N1 outbreak was taking place, Obama got wall-to-wall coverage during every briefing and nobody complained.

Suddenly, the Trump press conferences are being cut short because the left is touting them as campaign rallies for the President.

Up until now, Fox News had been the only network covering them in full, with at least one network saying the White House needs to request air time if it wants the presser covered in full.

CNN stated, “[I]f the White House wants to ask for time on the network, they should make an official request.

“Otherwise we will make our own editorial decisions.”

On Friday, for the first time, Fox News also cut the press conference short, deciding to go with a panel discussion on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

After the network cut away, several key speakers took the podium, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

One of the bigger missed details was the plan to try to get school lunches delivered to homes that have children to lessen the financial burden on families.

Communication is Key

During times such as this, there is nothing more important than communication.

While I will admit Trump sometimes goes off on tangents, it is usually because he is getting hit with either an outright attack by a member of the media or a “gotcha” question to try to trip him up.

Those moments have led to media members calling the press conferences nothing more than a daily televised rally for Trump.

This seems more like a way for the media to make Trump look like less of a decisive leader… a way for them to help Joe Biden since he is incapable of helping himself these days.

Considering the ratings for these daily press conferences rival that of Monday Night Football ratings, it just seems foolish to cut away from something Americans clearly want to see and hear.

  1. OK, I agree, however, why is Fox running this God awful rant by Cuomo every single day with him droning on about all the stuff he needs and the Gummnt hasn’t. What a BORING WASTE OF AIR TIME.

    1. I agree fox is getting just like the rest of them have you a word from them on joe Biden sex abuse years ago no, and every death in NY is from virus that’s just BS to make it sound worst if we don’t so go back to work it won’t matter we will have nothing.

  2. Source of frustration to not hear the real story long winded as it may be
    Better than hearing a third hand version of someone’s interpretation of “their news”
    Just need to hear it straight to make my own opinion
    Is there anyone else out there who wants to hear straight from those making the decisions who are in the know?

  3. Now when Fox news hears from the people who watch the channel they respond accordingly, they do want to keep the viewers they have, because if they loose viewers they loose revenue. that is why they are a news agency to make money because they can not operate without money. Now if you look at the number of viewers which CNN, NBC, and the others have combined and then look at Fox News you will see they have a small part of the viewer audience any way. Fox News may have more than any one station and that is because they are the only Conservative site. Murdock will do anything for the dollar and always has.

    1. Thank the good Lord for OAN…you never have to wonder if their reporting is correct…it is ALWAYS correct and honest. You can depend on them for absolute correct and true reporting. Unfortunately the other newscasters don’t always get it right. FOX news used to be dependable and reliable…not so much anymore. The rest of them CNN (communist/clinton news networ), CNBC…not reliable,,,do not like President Trump, ABC, etc. …would never watch them and do not trust them. OAN is really the best network. You can depend on the reporting…good job OAN! President Trump is not favored by any of the stations except OAN…the others are not fair on their reporting of President Trump…the best president America has ever had!!!!!

  4. FOX is now run by Murdoch’s leftist whelps. Things are changing. Switch to OANN, offerred by Direct TV.

  5. Fox needs to loose the Cumo show that goes on and on with the same information everyday. I have gotten to the point I don’t care to listen to him anymore. Who the hell does he think he is?? I just shut the channel off when I see his face. The Democrats are responsible no doubt for this! It is truly as waste of time for the rest of us that aren’t New Yorkers!! He us not our President and we need time fror him whom the people want and need to see with our nationwide situation. Please get rid of all his
    show! What is the point!! There is none!!

    1. I agree, but you know that they are the only state in the country. I never hear on any news service from my states governor on any channel. Same with the weather always on the east coast, never on the mountain west or the mid west. I’s all about New York and Washington

  6. I tend to watch OAN more and more. Lately all I see is Fox showing Cuomo complaining, saying the “sky is falling” ( i.e., can’t get what he needs,things will never be the same, etc.). He claims he has no desire to run for president? Ha, why is having so many press conferences? I think he will accept a nomination in a New York minute! We do not need him, period.

  7. Well, I am watching President Trump and his nightly news report with so called journalists being allowed to ask questions to the president and those doctors for hours and I in my older years have never seen any other president ever do this, and suddenly FOX goes to a show with a bunch of people I have never heard of on a panel. Since my area is suddenly showing up with the virus I want to know what is going on since it affects my life and my family. I changed the channel to other shows having reporters on half of the screen talking with their opinion while showing President Trump still on half of the screen talking but we can’t hear him only the reporter and his spiel. I kept turning channels until I landed on my TV provider’s all news channel with President Trump and his crew still talking without interruption by a show person giving their spiel on what is really going on according to that person and their network yacking away. I finally got to see the rest of the president’s report. I can hear the so called reporters on their channels any time but I want to hear what President Trump and his real doctor’s crew and real people doing the jobs the President and we need gov’t people to do. Why are these channels either cutting away from the daily report from our President to go to a panel discussion or a reporter working for their media giving their spiel which unbelievably is not even what happened on the president’s daily report.
    They put Cuomo on for hours talking with his Brother and not giving us really strong information about the virus while he slowly mopes along with his report. I hope Murdock also finds out why during the time that President Trump’s report is on and his night shows like Tucker and Hannity suddenly start having little jumps where the picture and voice jump as if being interrupted by something and you miss what is being said by someone I want to hear. If it’s someone I am not that interested in the picture and voice is perfect. What is that all about. It happens almost every night. I wonder if FOX reads these comments.

  8. What baffles me, is Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, hot journalists on Fox News, never mentions anything about Foxes turning liberal!!! Why don’t they comment on the firing the one of there own, who got the ax for telling the truth about liberals always trashing Trump, etc. Fox News has become more brazen in hiring more liberals since they put Paul Ryan on their Board of Directors. Switching to OANN is better and more honest than Fox for sure. OANN is totally conservative. Paul Ryan is NOT a conservative, but a full blown, hard nose Democrat RINO. Also, his wife is a Democrat, he was a mole disguised as a Republican while speaker of the house, then resigned. Fox is becoming corrupt as well. Hannity, Ingraham, etc., don’t think you are safe where you are, I know you just want to keep your jobs – that’s why you never report on your buddies at Fox = it’s disgusting!!!!!!

  9. Why did Fox Cut or fire two Shows on Fox Business, Kennedy, and Regan, both were outstanding, now cutting President Trump’s Coverage of the Pandemic. I guess it time to start looking for a new network like OAN

  10. What a wonderful to the point message. We know that Trump does roam all over sometimes, that is just his style or some so called journalist chimes in with a “gotcha” plant; we see it all; but we do want to hear from our President no matter how long it takes him to get to the message! He is the one we want to hear not from the fuss in the woodwork.

  11. The deference between Obama’s health crises and Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 is that President Obama held News Briefings that deferred ALL Medical and Technical issues to the experts and worked to improve the Contangos Disuse started by G.W. Bush. The same organization that Trump dismantled when he took office.
    The Network finally caught on that whenever Trump knows nothing about what he is talking about he talks in circles and NEVER provides any official cleansable information backed up by experts.
    Obama made every effort to get the technical support needed to combat the crises.
    Trump along with Mitch McConnell have been obstructing care givers and has even worked against efforts of States to get the medical and protective equipment needed.
    Trump’s Daily briefings were all redundant, without credible facts, provided NO leadership that the country needed and refutes their own expert’s council and advice. Trump continues his Re-election campaign at the cost of pain, suffering and lives of Millions of Americans.
    It should be CLEAR by now that Trump and Mitch McConnell have Not and Will Not provide the leadership this country needs.

    1. Your an idiot Obama took 6 months before he did anything about it take off your rose colored glasses and get the facts

    2. Get a life John and wake up. President Trump is the best president our country has ever had. Do you even listen to him when he is speaking. He speaks the truth. The only station that is hones if OAN…the others are too liberal and do not like President Trump. You speak kindly about Obummer who in eight years literally ruined our country. He was not qualified and hated America!!!!! What part of that do you not understand. Our dear President Trump is trying to clean up Obummer’s mess! ..and he is doing a great job! You need to pray for our president, not criticize him.

  12. I’m 91 years old and I used to watch Fox most of the time. About 1 or 2 years ago I told my family something is going on with Fox management they have turned left lately. It completely ruined Fox in my opinion. I was getting Fox through the Dish network so I canceled Dish and just don’t watch much TV anymore.

  13. That’s kind of short sided just don’t watch fox you must know what is going on to make informed decisions

  14. I also have wondered what in the world is happening at Fox News. Most recently, Martha McCallam seems to have turned on Trump. When she had her daytime program, I thought she was a liberal because she almost always had liberal guests and she let them say whatever they wanted with no questions. Then she had the evening show, and she was really good for a while and would always correct the record when a lefty got on the show and started spewing his or her lies. But now, I just don’t know. I suppose the argument could be made that a news reporter is properly doing his/her job if you can’t figure out his/her politics, but Martha is bit more like she has symptoms of Schizofrenia.

  15. Now when people tune in for the news about the virus they do not expect to get a Campaign speech when they are well aware of the actual facts of the matter. Now FOX like every other media agency has to have persons buying advertising to stay in business and when they seem to be one sided then people who advertise with them seem to look for another place to advertise, businesses are not political they are financial, and just want the viewers, which FOX knew thy were loosing, now enormously but a few is a few when we are talking about money.

  16. In my unimportant opinion,…. I think President Trump has LOST the high-ground by caving-in to the DRACONIAN CDC GUIDELINES.
    So whatever the Left-stream media, or Fox News does is no longer an issue.
    It’s just morel hysteria-driven government-tyranny by the Federal-Government—–INCLUDING BY PRESIDENT TRUMP…. whom I had admired, supported, and voted-for. Caving-in to witless-bureaucrats is not something I admire.
    These draconian ‘guidelines’ that keep Americans IMPRISONED IN THEIR OWN HOMES,.. in the latest-Leftist-Charade,.. ‘public-health’,… has not only undermined our prosperous economy,… BUT REMOVED ANY GHOSTLY-REMEMBRANCE OF ‘FREEDOM’!!!
    So I could care less if the wacko news-media bother to cover the White-House-News-Conference,…. which has brought nothing but bureaucrat-autocrat nonsense– apart from President Trump encouraging the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment-remedy.
    The rest of the government-bureaucrats should go back to their nondescript, meely-mouthed plush-offices. Dr. Fauci, in particular, is an incoherent, hypocritical JOKE,… and President Trump is allowing him to dictate the direction of the country,… a huge mistake,… in my unimportant opinion.

  17. Now Fox news is a business and Murdock is no person to let loosing money go along with his politics which he has none. Now when Fox is loosing advertivers because of their new about the things Trump says, they can not keep loosing money so they change the tune of their broadcast, to be in line with the majority of viewers, mostly white older men, who have now moved away from Trump and are in limbo but are tired of the Reality TV show antics of the President. Now tell me the last time the RNC had problems raising money like they are now. for the 60+ years i was a Republicanuntil Trump we were always flush with moneya nd my family donated thousands which we will not do while Trump or Pence is in office. The Presidency is a seriouss position not a game showthing that the host needs rating on his actions.

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