Gloves Are Off! Buttigieg Goes on the Attack against Sanders and Biden

They are all slinging mud now, including Buttigieg!
Pete Buttigieg
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Things are starting to get very testy in the Democrat party now that Joe Biden had a disgraceful and disappointing showing in Iowa.


Biden has decided to go on the attack, as has Bernie Sanders, in an effort to rid Buttigieg from the race.

After a Joe Biden ad proclaimed Buttigieg is “no Barack Obama,” Buttigieg fired right back, stating, “neither is he.”

Gloves Are Off

Up until the Iowa caucus, there seemed to be an unwritten law in the Democrat primary that candidates were going to avoid negative politicking against members of their own party.

After Buttigieg’s incredible showing, a final outcome I have been predicting for weeks, both Sanders and Biden now clearly see Buttigieg as a threat.

After the Biden ad was published and Buttigieg was asked about it, he pulled no punches and showed if things get dirty, he is more than willing to muck it up a little.

Buttigieg’s full response to the ad was, “Well, he’s right, and neither is he.”

“Neither is any of us, and this isn’t 2008. This is 2020.”

Returning Sanders’ Fire

Sanders has decided to really go after Buttigieg hard for these big-money donors, a demographic Sanders has refused to take money from.

During the debate on Friday night, Sanders stated, “Unlike some folks up here, [I] don’t have 40 billionaires, Pete, contributing to my campaign, coming from the pharmaceutical [industry], Wall Street, and all the big-money interests.”

Sanders has maintained that if Buttigieg were to become elected, he would be indebted to these donors rather than to the people of this country.

Buttigieg retorted, “We are building the movement that is going to defeat Donald Trump.

“I want everybody to help out.”

With new polls showing a dramatic fall for Joe Biden in New Hampshire (Biden was once leading with recent polls showing him in second place, and now he is all the way down to fourth place), the former Vice President called an emergency meeting prior to the debate to discuss strategy.

If his big brainstorming session came out with attacking Buttigieg for his lack of experience, the American people are clearly not buying it and it will eventually backfire on him.

After all, the man that Joe Biden has attached his coattails to, Barack Obama, had very little experience when he won the White House.

Obama had only served a single term in the Senate when he ran for office and at some point, if Biden continues down this path of attack, his attacks will only serve to support the case for Buttigieg.

Biden is officially hitting the panic button and his campaign is about to implode.

If he comes out of New Hampshire without any support, it will more than likely dramatically impact his support in both Nevada and South Carolina, the next two states up after New Hampshire.

It sure would be funny if Biden was the one to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday rather than Buttigieg.

I am not willing to be so bold as to make that prediction, but that is the path we are currently headed down.


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  1. The Democraps will soon start doing whatever they can to make themselves look like they are the only one who can beat Trump. The good part is they will destroy each other all without Trump having to lift a finger.

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