Texas Supreme Court Squashes Dems Evil Plan for 2020 Elections


The Texas Supreme Court, which is comprised of all Republicans, has halted the vote-by-mail effort on hold. Last week, this momentous decision was handed down by the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, to continue expansion activity while legal issues are worked through the court.


Republicans Gain a Win

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been spearheading fighting off the ever-growing agenda to use the coronavirus as a reason to allow voters to request an absentee ballot. After losing twice in lower courts, Paxton requested that the supreme court rule on the matter.

To qualify for an absentee ballot under Texas law, you must be at least 65 years old, have a disability, be out of the country on election day and early voting, or be in jail.

The Fight Isn’t Over in Texas 

Even after the ruling from the state’s highest court, the fight still rages on. In Texas, county election officials can still accept mail ballot applications, while courts are still figuring out a long-lasting plan for the future. Having a ruling before the July 14 primary runoffs as well as the momentous November general election is crucial.

“The Legislature has carefully limited who may and may not vote by mail. The Travis County trial court’s decision to allow everyone to vote by mail is contrary to state law and will be reversed on appeal,” Paxton said, following the favorable ruling.

As you can imagine, not everyone was happy with this decision. One group, in particular, has tried to steal votes, whether it be from wanting illegal aliens to vote, stunting to lower the voting age, or having deceased identities be used, the Democrat Party is trying hard to get rid of election integrity.

Democrats are Fighting Back Hard 

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said the party would continue to fight for their corrupt voting mission.

“This is a dark day for our democracy,” he said in a prepared statement. “The Republican Texas Supreme Court is wrong to force the people of Texas to choose between their health and their right to vote. They would have Texans die, just so they can hold on to power.”

“Voters should have the ability to vote-by-mail during a pandemic if they feel their health is in danger. Every single justice who ruled today should be ashamed of themselves. They are the new Republican death panel. We will continue to fight like hell to protect every eligible Texan’s right to vote and have their voices heard by their government.”

Having an all-Republican supreme court was also a very an aspect that Hinojosa claimed he would abolish. He claimed he would put effort to make sure the justices up for election this year in the Texas Supreme Court would be voted out of office.

As the court continues to battle in these unprecedented times, many Republicans understand the importance that having a trusted voted system means. Without roadblocks to stop voter fraud, we face an immense obstacle in ever winning critical elections.

  1. Putting your health in jeopardy to go out and vote ha!, in order to get an absentee ballot your still personally going to show up at the town , city or municipal office exposing yourself to the local environment

  2. The Communist Party will never stop trying to cheat , Lie and Steal , Listen to Lenin , Hitler , Mussolini ,Stalin , Mao , Every other Socialist in History , That is why they are the Masters of Deceit

  3. People go out to get food, meds, register vehicles, renew licenses and any other thing their little hearts desire. Voting is no different, We are old enough to get a mail in ballot but we go to the polls to vote via paper ballots.

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