WOW! Another Poll Shows a Win for Trump in THIS State


Another poll has landed in President Donald Trump’s favor and shows that he has a substantial lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state of Texas.


State of Texas Supports Trump

The latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune polled showed President Trump with the support of 50% of the state’s likely voters to Biden’s 45% in the 2020 race for president

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence showed strong support from white (62%-34%) and male (55%-39%) voters. While on the other hand, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris got their main support from females (51%-46%), Black (87%-11%) and Hispanic (54%-37%) voters in Texas.

In terms of Republican voters, 92% support Trump, while 96% of Democrats are in favor of Biden. A discouraging statistic for Trump is that the independent voters in the state want Biden, 45%-37%, over Trump.

A Steady Hold Continues

KCBD reports:

“Despite the dramatic swings in events and issues during 2020, the contest for the hearts and minds of Texas voters has changed little in the race for the nation’s top elected office. The latest poll is a case in point; the survey was conducted during a period that included the first presidential debate and Trump’s hospitalization for COVID-19. Even so, the result is in line with previous UT/TT surveys. In February, a UT/TT Poll found Trump ahead of Biden 47%-43% in what was then a hypothetical head-to-head race, because the Democrats had not chosen their nominee. In April, Trump led 49%-44%, and in June, 48%-44%.”

Biden Does Not Make Texans Happy

The co-director of the poll Daron Shaw pointed out that a lot of those polls were done since before Biden was the chosen Democratic candidate.

“What it really shows you is just how much of this is about Trump,” he said. “The race is a marker for attitudes towards Trump. It really is a referendum.”

“Numerically, Trump’s problem is with the Democrats,” Shaw said. “If you can’t win any Democratic votes in Texas, you’re not going to win by [Greg] Abbott margins or [George W.] Bush margins. It turns a 10-point race into a 5-point race.”

One state down but many more to go. 

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