Biden Team Promoting ‘Black Death’ Around the World


“The U.S. embassies are celebrating black death,” Candace Owens told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday. She made an appearance on Faux News to haul Palace Minister of State Antony Blinken over red-hot coals for practically demanding that U.S. embassies to fly Black Lives Matter flags and banners over their buildings. They’re being “encouraged” to observe the first anniversary of George Floyd’s demise.


Biden backing Black Death

“The U.S. State Department cable gives chiefs of missions,” the ones “who head U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide,” Owens points out, “blanket written authorization” to display BLM flags and banners.The official notice makes clear not to do it in places where it might get embassy staff boiled in oil.

Only fly BLM banners as “appropriate in light of local conditions,” the guidance notes, stressing that the directive is an “authorization, not a requirement.” Death benefits are expensive to pay.

There’s only one reason why Joe Biden wants our embassies flying the Black Lives Matter flag, Owens insists. “The U.S. embassies are celebrating black death.” That is the obvious “consequence of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

She cringes “when people call it Black Lives Matter protests,” because they’re riots and everyone knows it. Entire cities burned “for six weeks straight” the George Floyd incident. Isn’t “Black Flag” poison in a spray can?

Endorsed looting and rioting

Official Black Lives Matter looting and rioting tore through predominantly Black neighborhoods which “led to more black death.” As Candace Owens argues, way “more black Americans died during the Black Lives Matter riots than the one black American that was killed by a police officer that allegedly started this entire spree.”

She wonders why American leadership is “promoting this so much?” After all, Black Lives Matter “is a corporation, right?”

She sure thinks so. “Black Lives Matter raises money, and it’s dark money.” Dark “because nobody knows where the money goes.” It doesn’t make sense for “the U.S. government stand behind that.” She demands to know where’s the “due diligence here?” The Imperial Palace is endorsing death.

That’s why Antony Blinken hangs out with the Ayatollah like a fishing buddy. “If the U.S. State department is going to stand behind this, shouldn’t the U.S. State Department also issue, maybe, a memo out to let us know where the money’s going?”

That would be the responsible thing Owens insists, but it makes too much sense for Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace. “Joe Biden wants to give billions more dollars to the IRS so they can take billions more from American taxpayers.”

Maybe, she suggests, “he can also invest some of that money going to the IRS to look into Black Lives Matter and tell us where the money’s going.” He’ll find it’s funding Black death.

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