GOP Lands BIG Win in California

California election Steel Rouda

Another big win for Republicans in California. Democratic Representative Harley Rouda conceded his race to challenger Michelle Steel. Steel is the first Korean American woman in Congress.

Another Democrat voted out

District 48 in Orange County has historically voted Republican, but that changed in the last election when Harley Rouda won the seat. Two years later and he’s out the door.

Republican challenger Michelle Steel beat him by 8,000 votes, becoming the first Korean American woman in Congress. Prior to winning the election, Steel served as the chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

After her big win, Steel told reporters “To the staff, volunteers, interns, supporters, citizens and constituents who voted for me, know that you weren’t voting for a person, but for the idea that the American Dream is alive and well in Orange County.”

Steel’s optimistic message is a refreshing change of pace in a year when many politicians claim America is inherently evil and racist. Steel and her supporters still believe the American Dream is alive and well. She won by promising to fight for smaller government and lower taxes.

Steel later said, “Minorities who might not look like you or talk like you can come from humble beginnings and not only have a place in this Republican Party, but can be elected to Congress from the best district in the best state in the Union. That’s what I will be taking with me to Washington, the notion that conservative ideas transcend gender, race, religion or nationality.”

California House seat turns red

Rouda is out but he assures his supporters he’s not going anywhere. He’s already planning his 2022 campaign.

“I think once voters see what little is accomplished by my opponent versus what I did accomplish in my two years, there will be a clear differentiation.” Like every state, California has its red counties. However, Joe Biden still won by a wide margin.

64% of voters chose Biden over Trump, making it one the bluest states in the Union after Massachusetts, Vermont and Delaware. That’s up a few points from Hillary Clinton’s 62% of California votes in 2016. The state also carries a whopping 55 electoral votes, the highest of any state in the country.

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