GOP Members Finally Move to Oust Nancy for Good


Rep. Andy Biggs is urging GOP House leaders to support a motion to remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

GOP Member Goes After Corrupt Pelosi

The Arizona Republican brought up the fact that Pelosi referred to Trump-supporting Congress members as “domestic criminals.”

In an op-ed for Fox News, Biggs wrote:

“Isn’t it past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House? I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor.

Pelosi recently referred to members of Congress who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.”

Of course, that type of hyperbole has become commonplace among the left and is ever-present under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership.

The left hates President Trump and the Americans who voted for him. In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.

Nor can we forget that she allowed an impeachment proceeding to go forward that was based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a “high crime or misdemeanor.” The peg on which the left had hung their hat was “Russian collusion.”

This had been accidentally debunked by their chosen attack dogs, the Mueller team of special counsel.

Rather than humbly accepting that they had been wrong, they hubristically doubled down and dragged the president and this country through an impeachment hearing that was unnecessary. And which is now, through the distraction of the COVID outbreak and the tyrannical lockdowns, long forgotten.

The Speaker is willing to show her power against the powerless, who have been shut down by command of the local tyrants for months.

Pelosi’s recent escapade in a San Francisco hair salon conveys the air of elitism that has been the hallmark of her tenure as speaker. That there are many in the media who defend the Speaker is simply one group of powerful elites protecting one of their own: the powerful, elite Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.”

Pelosi’s Bad Track Record

Pelosi has been a deterrent to freedom and continues to not take any responsibility for her wrong actions.

Whether it be her disrespectfully tearing up President Trump’s State of the Union speech, calling Trump-supporters domestic criminals, or going to a hair salon without a mask against her own ordinances, it is clear that she is not fit to be Speaker of the House.

GOP House member Briggs lays at a good case for this and it has yet to be seen how his counterparts will act on the possible motion.

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