Greedy Biden Team Just Flipped Americans the Bird… AGAIN

Greedy Biden Team Just Flipped Americans the Bird... AGAIN

Instead of helping the American people, the Joe Biden administration is focusing on protecting themselves. Rather than working to increase the number of vaccinations given to ordinary Americans, the White House staff is being prioritized so that the elderly president isn’t in danger of contracting the coronavirus.

Just one week into Biden’s presidency, the White House medical team has already administered the COVID vaccine to several hundred staffers, and says that its goal is to vaccinate all in-person staff within the next few weeks.

“As we announced last month, approximately three dozen incoming members of the senior staff, national security team and incoming cabinet nominees received their first dose in early January,” White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz told Axios.

“The White House medical team has vaccinated several hundred additional staffers from the Executive Office of the President who are working on site every day … to ensure a COVID-safe working environment around the president and key leaders who have national security and continuity of government responsibilities,” he added.

It is pretty obvious that the goal of Democrat politicians is to further their own power, and protect themselves, rather than focusing on the needs of the American people. They are currently prioritizing the sham impeachment trial of a president who is no longer in office over giving aid to Americans who are suffering due to COVID lockdowns. In the last relief package, they chose to give billions of dollars away in foreign aid while only giving $600 to each American. Now, they prioritize vaccinations for themselves over the American people. What next?

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