Guard Accused of Allowing Inmate Gang Rape For Cash


An Indiana jail guard admits his keys were used to let male prisoners gang rape a cell or two full of women. He denies that he was paid $1,000 for it. Welcome to the wonderful Democrat Paradise brought to you by the sponsors of Joe Biden, where the rule of law no longer exists.

Guard on wrong side of the bars

Male prisoners allegedly bribed a guard “with $1,000 to obtain the keys to their jail cells.” Two separate civil lawsuits, filed in federal court, allege physical, emotional and psychological injuries suffered by 28 female Indiana prisoners. They were “threatened or sexually assaulted, including two who said they were raped.

The paperwork names Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel, former Clark County jail officer David Lowe and unidentified jail officers. All the alleged incidents happened at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville on the evening of October 23 ​into the morning of October 24 2021.

The first suit was filed June 21 with 20 named plaintiffs. That one claims “​men incarcerated at the same facility threatened, assaulted or raped them over multiple hours after Lowe gave the men keys to access the women’s cells.

While two women filed rape charges, there haven’t been any criminal charges filed. In the concurrent action against the guard, stamped in on July 25, eight of the alleged victims filed anonymously. They called it “a night of terror” at the jail. Their complaint alleges further that “two ​men obtained the keys in exchange for a payment of $1,000.

No matter what happened that night it’s pretty clear that the jail wasn’t properly staffed and didn’t “train jail officers and supervise them to make sure they maintained adequate security at the jail.

The guard in question admits his keys were used. He disputes selling them. Either way, “these systemic failures allowed numerous male assailants to have free run of the Jail for several hours, resulting in a night of terror for the plaintiffs and other victims.

A rogue corrections officer

Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel isn’t talking but his attorney says the “events of October 23rd were the result of the unforeseeable criminal actions of a rogue corrections officer.

The individual in question chose to abandon his training, ethics and morals and made the unilateral decision to mortgage his career and future by allowing inmates access to the jail keys.” They threw the guard under the bus. His client is “committed to insuring that nothing of this magnitude or scope ever happens again.

While making sure the guard took the blame, they tried to soften the public relations blow. The sheriff is “equally committed to debunking those untruths that have been alleged by those who are attempting to reap financial gain from the crimes of David Lowe.


Jail administrators launched an investigation “immediately” after becoming aware of the events. They found a bunch of things to fix right away and more to fix as they can get to them.

Accused guard David Lowe was “taken into custody on October 25 on felony charges of official misconduct and aiding, inducing or causing escape,” his court documents note. He is currently free on bond awaiting trial in November. He told the Washington Post that he was “coerced and assaulted into making a false confession.

He didn’t take money from anyone. What he did do was make “a mistake that ultimately allowed the men to steal the keys and that it was an accident that resulted from being overworked. He also told the newspaper that he only became aware of the attack in the days after it occurred because he was working in another area of the jail.

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