Israeli Forces Announce Shocking Find in Gaza City


As Israeli forces continue to make their way further and further into the Gaza Strip, they’ve made more than a few shocking discoveries among the community. New footage from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released on Sunday, November 5, showed Hamas rocket launchers as well as launch pits next to a playground and children’s swimming pool.

This development further demonstrates how Hamas consistently uses the civilian population as human shields for terrorist purposes.

The IDF reported a group of four launching barrels for rockets being fired towards Israel were spotted only five meters away from a children’s pool and around 20-30 meters away from residential buildings, all situated in the heart of a residential neighborhood.

Officers also said they noticed an area with an amusement park which overlooked the launch site and was adjacent to the children’s playground.

It is no surprise that Hamas has been accused of using UNRWA schools and apartment buildings for their rocket attacks against Israel, putting civilians in grave danger. The terror organization has even built an entire network of underground tunnels and intricate bases throughout the Strip.

Last week, The IDF revealed more alarming information on how Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City acts as a command center for Hamas forces.

The Times of Israel reported on the incident:

“Troops found four underground launchers some five meters (16 feet) from a children’s swimming pool, and around 30 meters from residential homes in the northern Gaza Strip, footage showed. Another clip showed troops locating a number of rocket launchers within a children’s playground and amusement park compound.”

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