Jay Z and Beyonce’s Disrespectful Gesture at Super Bowl

So disrespectful…
Jay Z and Beyonce
Photo Courtesy of Janne Wittoeck via Creative Commons License

So, if you thought all this not standing for the anthem controversy was over, you were wrong.

In an absolute show of disrespect for our country and our flag, both Jay Z and Beyonce refused to stand during the singing of the Anthem during the Super Bowl…

The NFL’s Hypocrisy

The Super Bowl last night was filled with plenty of controversy, but very little of that was actually on the field.

Blown calls by the referees went widely unnoticed, but the ignorance of Jay Z and Beyonce did not.

During the singing of the anthem, as you saw in that video, the two of them decided to stay seated.

The irony in this is that Jay Z has partnered with the NFL, a deal that has come under scrutiny for its apparent hypocrisy.

Eric Reid, a safety for the Carolina Panthers and a major supporter of Colin Kaepernick, called the deal “kind of despicable.”

The deal allows Jay Z to have significant control over the halftime shows of NFL games.

We saw his influence last night with Shakira and JLo shaking their booties for all the world to see.

There were a few hidden messages in that show as well, such as the children being in cages during one of JLo’s songs.

More Damage for the NFL

The Kaepernick fiasco hurt the NFL very significantly in the ratings.

The league is just starting to come back from that and now the NFL is allowing this former crack dealer to place hidden messages in halftime performances.

Then, he and his wife have the audacity to sit during the National Anthem.

Will the NFL lose fans over this? Maybe, but I think it is far more important to expose these hidden messages and point out the hypocrisy of the league and people like Jay Z.

You don’t have to boycott the games, just boycott buying NFL merchandise to stop feeding the machine.  

Call the NFL out over this and let the league know forcing liberal ideologies down our throat is simply unacceptable.

The game is meant to be entertainment and nothing more and until that day returns, we need to make our stance very clear so we have just as much a voice as the liberal horde.

  1. I guess America hasn’t given them wealth, opportunity or anything to be proud of . . . OR they’re just a couple of ungrateful racist pricks.

  2. I won’t waste one second of my time caring about this couple or what they say, do, what their platform is. They are Americans, they are free to express themselves in this or any other manner. But I do believe they have forgotten what side of their bread is buttered and how it got buttered in the first place. They are rich, the rich are different, and it seems as though they believe their actions are affective to others. God bless their pointed heads.

  3. This lack of respect is tolerated because they are Black and can influence young people. It’s very sad that they don’t appreciate what this country has done to help their success.
    This lack of respect began with OBAMA and his 8 long years as President.
    My question for our Black citizens would be this; how did Obama’s 8 years help you financially? Living off of the government is not beneficial to our country.

  4. I’m sure these two think this will garner them praise. No…these two have been oppressed…that’s why they have MILLIONS of dollars, fame and a lifestyle most of us will only dream about. As a black veteran man I can attest there are many within the black community who are disgusted by the antics of these two. They must be drinking the Kaepernick kool-aid. If they truly feel America has little to offer them…and their disdain for all the men and women (both black and white) who shed blood for our nation to remain free, then perhaps it’s time their arses move OUT of the U.S.

  5. It’s not hard to figure out why they didn’t stand . They need the attention to sell their music . She has her boobs and big ass she shows for attention but he needs something … anything to help . I mean he’s not good looking , can’t sing for crap . So this will get him attention and maybe help in sells . God knows he needs all the help he can get . Her name isn’t enough to get him anywhere .

  6. When this all started I kicked the nfl to the curb my country means more to me than a stupid game and the people in my family who died to keep this country free to express your opinion but ungrateful brats and snow flakes is the only thing that comes to mind for me. Won’t waste my time nor my money any more. Plenty of College games to satisfied me.

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