Jim Jordan Puts Adam Schiff on Notice

Jim Jordan Puts Adam Schiff on Notice

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan has put lying leftist Representative Adam Schiff on notice, saying that the American people have a right to hear what he knew about U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Schiff, who is ironically the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is known for his lies. During the left’s mental breakdown over the “Russia Collusion” Hoax, he claimed nearly every day that he had seen actual evidence that Donald Trump was guilty, even though he knew for a fact that there was no such evidence.

Now, the liar is finally about to face some karma for his constant lying, as Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is calling him out about his knowledge of the failures in Afghanistan.

In an interview with Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney, Jordan said that, since Schiff is among a group of top Democrats who have held leadership roles related to the nation’s longest war during both the Obama and Biden administrations, he should be made to answer questions. Unfortunately, this can’t happen until Democrats are no longer in control of the House of Representatives.

“Are we going to get hearings in Congress to find out what on Earth went on and who is to blame? Are we going to get those hearings?” Varney asked Jordan.

“Well, I hope so, but I doubt it. I mean, the Democrats are in charge. So, I do think we are going to take back the majority, and when we do in a year-and-a-half, we can have hearings. But I doubt the Democrats do it,” the congressman responded.

“But if we were going to have hearings, it is obvious who should come,” he continued.

“I mean, the same people who made all these decisions that led to this debacle in Afghanistan are the same ones who were burning foreign policy, Stuart, back in the Obama, Biden administration that gave us the Libya, Benghazi situation,” Jordan added, referring to the deadly attack on the American consulate in Benghazi which left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stephens and three special operators dead.

Along with Schiff, Jordan called out Secretary of State Antony Blinken, CIA Director William Burns, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice, all of whom are Biden administration officials who also had key roles under Obama.

“And frankly, I think we need to bring Adam Schiff in too. What was Intel Committee, what kind of information did he get prior to this, this, this ordeal that we watched unfold over the last several weeks? So those are the kind of people who should be brought in, but I doubt if the Democrats will do it,” Jordan said.

Jim Jordan isn’t the only one who’s calling out Schiff. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has alleged that, during the Trump administration, instead of focusing on his actual job, Schiff was too busy with the Russia Collusion Hoax.

“We should have been having hearings on what’s going on over there. We should have been able to gather that they would collapse this fast. But Adam Schiff was too focused on impeachment than doing the job he was supposed to do,” McCarthy said.

“How much time did Adam Schiff spend looking around the world of what his responsibility is?” McCarthy asked. “When you’re on the Intel Committee, you learn things that other members do not know. But he spent all this time on politics.”

The only chance of Schiff actually facing the consequences of his actions any time soon would be for the Republicans to regain control of Congress in 2022. Hopefully, that will happen.

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