Joe Biden Punch-Drunk On The Ropes As November Creeps Closer


“Biden’s sudden emergence from punch-drunk Palooka on the ropes to the anointed nominee in two weeks was not entirely spontaneous,” Conrad Black observes. The political analyst at American Greatness is convinced the party practically conspired to make Biden their chosen savior. They’re getting a karmic taste of their Brett Kavanaugh medicine in the process. Creepy Joe Biden publicly denied Tara Reade’s accusations that he groped her in the 1990’s. He flatly denies that the incident ever happened. Reflective of Biden’s mental processes, the statement containing that denial rambles and meanders before it finally gets to the point. Biden’s campaign also tends to ramble and meander, even as the November election creeps ever closer. Then, there is all of Biden’s baggage.

Punch-drunk from being slapped around so much

Biden says he likes being slapped around, he can “take it,” he insists, but the damage is starting to show. He seems to be losing his mind like a “punch-drunk” aging boxer. Biden isn’t the presumptive nominee because of the will of the people, he leads because the voters found Bernie too “revolting.” Biden came in fourth in Iowa and followed that up with fifth place in New Hampshire.

The party bigwigs declared that the newcomers didn’t stand the slightest chance against Trump in November. When it came down to a choice between Biden and Bernie Sanders, Democrat leaders decided there was no way they were going to let Sanders and his revolution hijack the party. After all, Sanders isn’t even a Democrat. He’s registered as a Socialist.

According to Black, the pandemic did Biden a favor by getting the “human gaffe machine” out of the limelight. He was “mercifully rescued” from “direct exposure to the public,” while confined “to a little podium in his basement.” From there, Biden “skypes a somewhat moderated number of malapropisms and amnesiac lapses to the Trump-hating media.”

Creepy Joe dogged by sex allegations

All the physical abuse, which left Biden so punch-drunk that he can’t see straight, might be making his memory about the 1990’s a little fuzzy too. Even though he apologized for the uncomfortable way he touched several women, he swears he didn’t do what Reade accuses him of doing. Curiously, his denial is buried 9 paragraphs down in a rambling 21 paragraph explanation of why he didn’t do it yet is still a good choice to run the country.

When he finally gets to the reason for writing, he states, “I want to address allegations by a former staffer that I engaged in misconduct 27 years ago. They aren’t true. This never happened.” Still, he admits, its “complicated.” He demands that the National Archives turn over any formal complaints the woman may have lodged, keeping his fingers crossed that there aren’t any. His staffers probably already searched but they might have missed something. Out of more than a thousand words, he devotes basically a single sentence to responding to serious allegations.

Just Because Biden has no recollection of what happened in the 1990’s doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. The biggest crisis that Democrats are facing is that even if his finger never got anywhere close to Tara Reade, he still has a lot of problem baggage. Things dangling over his head like the Quid Pro Quo arrangement he had with the Ukraine involving his son Hunter Biden.


Biden has too much baggage

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky already promised there is an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s high paying job on the board of directors at Burisma. On top of that, John Durham is digging into the Deep State lies told by the FBI and DOJ to the FISA court. “Ample evidence exists that Biden was present when these matters were discussed with President Obama.”

It’s clear that someone is orchestrating the democrat side of the election. Only a month after coming in with only 11 percent of the New Hampshire vote, Biden is suddenly the only one left out of nearly two dozen contenders. The only reason Sanders hasn’t dropped out completely is because he wants to use a few delegates to push the party platform further left than the moderates want it to go.

The pundits generally agree that Biden may be able to look like a viable candidate through the summer. but unless he starts looking – and more importantly, acting – like he can handle the job, the punch-drunk Palooka is going to fall flat on his face come November.

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