Joe Manchin REVERSAL, But He Forgets…


Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) is playing games again.

Manchin has allowed reconciliation on several occasions and was instrumental in pushing Biden’s $1.7 trillion Inflation Reduction Act.

Now he is trying to call out reckless spending by the government.

It’s Your Fault!

I have always maintained that Manchin is a bit of a fraud.

He loves to pretend he is a moderate, but he always seems to side with the Democrats.

He may delay legislation, but that is only so he can get what he personally wants from it.

It is all a shell game, such as when he said he would not use reconciliation, then eventually caved on it.

He is doing the same thing now.

Manchin stated, “Everybody knows we cannot default on our debt… Let’s talk about the states. I was the governor of West Virginia.

“We have balanced budget amendments.

“At the end of the year, it had to be balanced.

“Every week, we would sit down with our finances and find out what adjustments we had to make, and we would make small adjustments during the course of the year.”

He continued “I went absolutely crazy when I saw that the administration was looking at Iran to produce more oil, lifting their sanctions.”

As we noted above, Manchin has no room to complain here, as he has been part of the problem.

I seem to remember him promising that this crazy spending was paying for itself when he tried to sell it to Americans.

Now, since Democrats betrayed him and blocked the pipeline concession that he got from Schumer to pass the spending bill, he is trying to flip the script.

Sorry, Joe, but we are not buying it.

You hitched your horse to the wrong wagon!

Source: Fox News

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